Workers’ Memorial Day

For over 75 years OH Parsons has stood side by side with trade unions to fight for workers’ rights.

International Workers’ Memorial Day is held on 28th April every year to remember all those killed through work and to raise awareness of the importance of effective health and safety procedures to ensure such tragedies are not repeated.

142 workers were killed in 2020/21 and 441,000 sustained an injury at work in Great Britain, according to the Health and Safety Executive. On this day, we remember not only individuals who have lost their lives, but also the impact that these devastating losses have on families, co-workers, and communities.

Unite the Union and OH Parsons gather every year to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day and paid tribute this year by laying a wreath. We continue to work together to fight for working people to make occupational health and safety a fundamental right at work.

Remember the dead, fight for the living.

Have you suffered an accident at work? 

If you’ve been injured at work, then it might be the result of the negligence of your employer or a co-worker. In this case you may have grounds for a work injury claim. OH Parsons have dealt with multitudes of such cases and have experienced and professional personal injury lawyers that act for the injured in seeking compensation against the employer. 

At OH Parsons we are dedicated to serving working people and have been for 75 years. We act for individuals across a wide range of industries and aim to offer them all the highest standards of fairness and integrity at all times.
In addition to work accidents and injuries we specialise in the following work-related conditions:
We also have a national reputation in personal injury, serious injury claims, medical negligence, fatal accident claims, and cases relating to industrial disease

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