Unite Union Members Success Stories

Our client, a Union member, was injured during the course of his employment as a ramp agent at an airport. When loading an aircraft, his foot slipped away from a conveyor belt as he closed the rear cargo door, and he fell several feet to the ground below. Our client sustained a severe fracture to the left heel, a fracture to the left wrist and psychological injuries. 

His employer admitted responsibility for the accident but held our client partly to blame for his injuries, which we vigorously denied. We started court proceedings but managed to achieve a successful settlement before the hearing. 

We succeeded in obtaining a gross settlement of £150,000 for our client to compensate him for his pain and suffering, as well as his past and future financial losses.

OH Parsons represented a client, a member of Unite the Union, in a claim for Personal Injury. Our client was a delivery driver and was informed by the dispatch department that another driver had a problem with his van and so he should go and collect a future delivery, even though his vehicle was already full. 

Our client went to collect the delivery and on opening the back of his full vehicle several boxes fell onto the road. Our client called dispatch for further guidance but no one answered his call. Our client then attempted to replace the boxes and in the process of doing so injured his back. 

His employer denied responsibility for the accident and we started a court claim on our client’s behalf. The claim eventually settled the day before the court hearing for the sum of £22,500.

OH Parsons represented a member of Unite the Union in a a case against his employer. Our client was a union representative and also a bus driver. He has been dismissed by his employer for allegedly breaching their Social Networking Policy. 

At the time, our client’s Trade Union, Unite, was working to protect members from proposed changes to terms and conditions. Our client was involved in the dispute. He posed comments in relation to these changes on a Facebook page used by the union members only. Our client was dismissed because of his opinions expressed in these posts. The Solicitor dealing with the claim, pursued the case on the basis that the investigation into our client’s conduct was inadequate and the decision to dismiss him was not a decision that any reasonable employer could have come to. 

The Employment Tribunal agreed and found that our client had been unfairly dismissed. It was found that the posts on Facebook were similar to a normal Trade Union meeting and would be classified as a ‘Union activity’. The tribunal found that the employer’s investigation was flawed and did not fully consider the context of the comments and the privacy settings on the webpage. Moreover, the employer’s Social Network Policy itself was unclear. Finally, it was found that the decision to dismiss was unreasonably harsh. Having won the case the Tribunal then ordered that our client be fully compensated. 




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