Serious Injury Claims

Serious Injury Claims

Serious injuries, also known as catastrophic injuries, can be defined as life-changing injuries which may involve a complicated traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, traumatic amputation of an upper or lower limb, development of chronic pain, polytrauma or long-term psychological trauma. A serious injury can have a devasting impact on both the lives of the injured person and on the family, who initially may have to act as unpaid carers and on both short term and long term family finances.

A serious injury will mean that the injured person needs immediate help like an assessment of immediate needs and a programme of rehabilitation tailored to achieving the best intervention at an early stage for treatment that may not be available on the NHS to try and get the best outcome.

Rehabilitation can involve obtaining the necessary aids and equipment, funding of care provided by professionals, the appointment of a case manager to help the injured person through the difficult process of dealing with NHS professionals, private practitioners and the DWP.

In catastrophic cases, where necessary interim payments can be obtained to make up for any shortfall in sick pay, to fund procedures and even to fund suitable alternative housing if that is reasonably required before the case is concluded.

Serious injury claims take some time to resolve as the injured party takes time to convalesce through necessary surgical procedures and from the initial trauma to reaching an endpoint in recovery which may mean a very different lifestyle, occupation and income to the one before the accident. Key to a successful claim is early intervention and selection of the correct team of medical, financial and legal experts from appropriate different specialisms for the litigation process. It is here that instructing an experienced member of our multitrack team of  Serious Injury Solicitors who possess the expert knowledge and experience will make a difference to you.

At OH Parsons we have a team of experienced Serious injury lawyers who regularly assist a wide range of clients across the UK to get the necessary rehabilitation packages in place and recover interim payments of damages to make up for earnings shortfalls and secure final settlements of high levels of damages for injuries, the cost of care, surgical procedures and treatments, prosthetics, loss of earnings and pension.

What are the costs involved in the compensation amount in case of serious injuries?

To win compensation, it is necessary to establish that the accident has occurred due to negligence or a breach of statutory duty.  OH Parsons Solicitors are experts in all aspects of the workplace, public liability and road traffic claims

We will work with you on a No Win No Fee basis, and you will only have to contribute to your legal costs if the case is successful. We will assess the prospects of success with you at an early stage and ensure that we obtain the necessary witness evidence and documents to help us make that assessment. We will advise you of the nature of our risk assessment and decide upon a success fee based on the risks of the case.

We will fund the disbursement for experts required and, where possible, obtain an interim payment for funding and damages.

Why should you instruct OH Parsons to take your case for compensation for a serious injury?

We have a team of dedicated and experienced serious injury solicitors who do no other types of cases than personal injury claims for cases worth more than £25,000. They have years of experience in working with barristers who only practice in personal injury work. You can be confident that a team of solicitors and barristers will be handling your case from start to finish to get the best outcomes.

What is the purpose of a serious injury claim?

A serious injury claim is intended to put the injured person back in the position they would have been in if the accident had not occurred. Whilst no one can get their pre-accident uninjured state of health back the aim of the claim is to get the best rehabilitation possible to make the injured person as well as they can be and to obtain a level of damages that ensures there are no financial losses as a result of the injury.

What does the claim involve?

The case will involve investigating the circumstances of the accident, obtaining witness evidence and documentary evidence from the wrongdoer, liaising with the HSE, police and local authority as appropriate. A and E, ambulance and hospital records are obtained to consider the best treatment needed and what has been provided. At appropriate intervals, consideration is given to the instruction of suitable liability and medical experts with consultation with senior barristers where appropriate. Once liability is assessed, court proceedings will be issued if necessary to determine a fault if it is not admitted and interim funding.

What are the common causes of serious injuries?

Serious injuries are caused by accidents at work with defective equipment, unsafe systems of work, unsafe work practices, unsafe places of work, incompetent fellow workers, and a failure to risk assess. They can occur due to defective premises, uneven flooring, poor lighting or spillages, slipping on ice or tree roots or potholes or broken paving on the public highway. They can occur due to a road traffic accident with another vehicle or as a vulnerable road user such as a pedestrian, cyclist or horse rider. They can be caused by accidents on an aircraft, boat or holiday. An incident that occurs in seconds can have life-changing consequences.

What are serious injuries?

Serious injuries can include a range of conditions such as:

      • Amputation
      • Spinal injuries
      • Multiple fractures
      • Injuries to internal organs
      • Traumatic brain injury
      • Psychological injuries
      • Orthopaedic injuries 
      • Chronic pain syndromes
      • Severe post-traumatic stress disorder
      • Extensive scarring due to lacerations or degloving
      • Severe burns
      • Blindness
      • Loss of sense of taste or smell
      • Loss of voice.
      • Fatality

In a serious injury claim, our solicitors at OH Parsons approach the accident victim as an individual. Each injured person’s case is different; their needs and injuries are unique in their response to trauma and recovery.  We focus on providing clear, cogent advice and helping each person through each step of their journey. We aim to obtain rehabilitation and provide support with every step of the way through the case process. We aim to explain each stage so that the injured person and family feel supported. We provide appropriate advice at the start in respect of case manager appointment, entitlement to benefits and all the way through to advice about a personal injury trust on settlement and referral to financial advisers at the case conclusion.

Contact us to discuss your case. We are happy to meet you at your home, in the hospital or by zoom as appropriate.

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