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Have you sustained a life-changing injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault? You could be entitled to serious injury compensation. Start a claim with OH Parsons today to win the justice you deserve.

Serious Injury Claims: What are they?

Serious injuries, sometimes referred to as catastrophic injuries, are defined as physical damages a person may have sustained which have life-changing and/or extreme, long-lasting consequences. In many cases, a serious injury claim can involve a complicated traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, traumatic amputation of an upper or lower limb, development of chronic pain, polytrauma or long-term psychological trauma.

A serious injury claim can be a complex and potentially lengthy legal process, and one that will require the skill, experience and expertise of a specialist legal team to bring to a just conclusion. It involves seeking the rightful compensation owed from the party at fault, for the damages and losses incurred by the injured person. Choosing the right personal injury solicitors is paramount when seeking a personal injury compensation claim as a result of serious injury. OH Parsons pride ourselves on being leading serious injury claims solicitors out of Slough helping victims of serious injury win the compensation they deserve.

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What are the Most Common Causes of Serious Injury?

Unfortunately, life-changing injuries can occur in a variety of situations, with the cause often rooted in defective equipment, operational malfunctions or human negligence. Serious injuries can be caused by accidents at work, unsafe conditions, traffic accidents, or as the result of accidents on holiday.

One thing that all serious injuries have in common is that, an incident that occurs in a matter of seconds, can have life-altering consequences. Some of the most common causes of a serious injury include:

What Injuries would be Considered Serious Injuries?

Unfortunately, life-changing injuries can occur in a variety of situations, with the cause often rooted in defective equipment, operational malfunctions or human negligence. Serious injuries can be caused by accidents at work, unsafe conditions, traffic accidents, or as a result of accidents on holiday.

One thing that all serious injuries have in common is that an incident that occurs in a matter of seconds, can have life-altering consequences. Some of the most common causes of a serious injury include:

Can Your Injury lead to a Serious Injury Compensation Claim?

Be aware that if the particulars of your unique situation and injuries are not detailed above, it may still be possible to build a winning serious injuries case and make a serious injury compensation claim. However you sustained your injuries, and whatever the outcome, contact our expert solicitors and explain what happened. If we determine the case as eligible, our team will assist you in building the case.  

What is the Process to Make a Serious Injury Claim?

The goal of a serious injury claim is to put the injured person back into the position they were before the events of the incident took place. Sadly, it’s not always possible to totally recover the person’s state of health to its former condition; however, a serious injury claim aims to secure the best available rehabilitative measures for the person, assist in making their situation as manageable as possible, and to win a compensatory package of damages to ensure there are no financial losses or further suffering caused as a result of the injury.

As it’s essential to fully explicate and understand the unique nature of the situation, at the preliminary stage the case will involve investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, and establishing exactly what occurred. From there, our legal team will obtain the necessary witness evidence and documentary evidence from the party at fault, and liaise with the HSE, police, and local authorities as appropriate.

We’ll also obtain A&E, ambulance and hospital records, and examine them in order to identify the most suitable course(s) of treatment, and what treatment(s) have been provided up to that point. At periodic intervals, consideration will be given to the instruction of suitable liability and medical experts, along with consultation and opinions of senior barristers where appropriate.

Once the overall strength of the case has been assessed, and if the potential compensator does not acknowledge their liability in the matter and/or refuses to provide interim funding, court proceedings will be issued as necessary.

How Long Do You Have to Make a Serious Injury Claim?

Serious injury claims may take some time to resolve, as the injured party takes the time needed to convalesce through necessary surgical procedures and recover from the initial trauma. The endpoint of the recovery journey may bring the person to a very different lifestyle, occupation and income to the one they experienced before the accident. The time limit for an injury claim is 3 years.

The key to a successful claim is early intervention, and the medical, financial and legal experts of the appropriate specialism to undertake the litigation process. This is where the instruction of an experienced serious injury solicitor at OH Parsons can make all the difference to the speed and success of your claim.

Get Started With Your Serious Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered life-changing damages as a result of a personal injury that was not your fault, with the legal advice and support of OH Parsons, you can build a robust serious injury or catastrophic injuries case and win the compensation you deserve.

Start a claim today and find out how much you could be entitled to.

No Win, No Fee Serious Injury Claims

At OH Parsons we always operate with a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee: that means for our clients, there is no stress or worry about how the case will be funded. If for any reason your claim is unsuccessful, you’ll incur no charges, as we take care of the costs. However, in the event of a successful claim, we’ll be able to recover the bulk of the costs from the compensator.

Trusted Serious Injury Solicitors

In order to win compensation, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the accident occurred as a result of negligence, or a breach of statutory duty. Our experienced team of serious injury solicitors regularly assist a wide range of clients in building robust serious injuries claims, and securing the necessary rehabilitation and interim damage payments to cover all related financial shortfalls.

In the case of a serious injury claim, our solicitors approach the injured person as an individual. Each case is different; the person’s needs and injuries are unique in their response to trauma and recovery. We focus on providing clear, cogent advice and helping each person manage each step of their journey.

Our aim is to obtain a substantial compensation package and provide support throughout the case process. We’ll do away with the legalese and explain what’s happening in clear and simple terms, so that the injured person and their loved ones feel supported. The case manager will provide appropriate advice from the outset regarding entitlement to benefits, and be on-hand all the way through the process to advise on settlement and referral to financial advisers at the case conclusion.

Serious Injury FAQs

A serious injury can have a devastating impact on a person's life, and can also lead to major mental and emotional suffering on the part of friends, family and loved ones. It’s not uncommon for these people to provide support, acting as unpaid carers, which can then affect the practicalities of their own jobs, personal ties and commitments. In both the short and long term, family finances may suffer a significant blow.

In the case of a serious injury, the injured party will require immediate and far-reaching, often specialist help. This may include taking such steps as seeking a professional assessment of immediate needs, or a tailored programme of rehabilitation. It’s often not possible to access this treatment on the NHS in a timely manner, and so injured people may be prevented from obtaining the medical intervention which is most-suited to their situation, and which can help bring about the best possible outcome.

An effective rehabilitation programme involves several stages; initially, it will be necessary to source the appropriate medical opinions, treatments and equipment. The seriously injured party will also need to find means to fund this professional, specialist care, and appoint a case manager to help guide them through the potentially difficult process of dealing with the NHS, private practitioners and the DWP.

In catastrophic injury legal cases, it is possible to obtain much-needed interim payments, to help make up for any shortfall in the injured person’s sick pay and to cover the costs of ongoing treatment. Depending on the situation, interim payments may also be used to facilitate suitable alternative housing for the injured person, if it is deemed reasonably required before the case is brought to a conclusion.

If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury that wasn’t your fault, and you’re struggling to deal with the financial, physical or emotional fallout, contact OH Parsons and begin the serious injury claims process today. Our experienced legal team will be happy to discuss the details of your case.

As is always the case with personal injury claims, the exact amount of compensation you receive will vary, depending on the particulars surrounding the accident and the nature of the injuries you sustained. 

The final compensation sum will also be dictated by the level of impact the injuries have had on your life; often, the more deeply damaging or life-changing the injuries, the more likely you will be to receive a larger sum. The financial damage package will also cover the cost of travel, treatment, rehabilitation, loss of income and other incurred costs as necessary. 

For a more individual assessment and estimate of your serious injury claim, get in touch with our specialist team now.

Our aim is to assist our clients in any way we can. If you currently retain the services of alternative solicitors, we will of course be open to a discussion with them about the potential of our team taking control of the case. Contact us directly to find out more about changing your legal representation team. 

As always, we’ll work with you on a no win no fee basis. Our experienced solicitors will assess the prospect of success at an early stage, and ensure that we obtain the necessary witness evidence and documents to help us make that assessment in good faith. OH Parsons is always available to consult with you on the nature of our risk assessment, and we’ll be completely transparent in reaching a decision regarding the success fee, based on the risks of the case.

Why Should You Trust OH Parsons as Your Serious Injury Claims Solicitor?

At OH Parsons, we have a team of dedicated and experienced serious injury solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims and regularly handle cases worth in excess of £25,000. We have decades of combined experience on our books, and we’re familiar in working with barristers who only practice in matters of personal injury. You can be confident that a top-level team of solicitors and barristers will be handling your case from start to finish to secure the best outcomes.

Serious injuries can be sustained for any number of reasons, and it is not always easy to apportion blame with legally-binding validity. Clarity of fault may be obscure, or there may be evidentiary gaps. Because of this, the OH Parsons legal team are dedicated to building the strongest possible claims for our clients, and are committed to providing clear and constructive legal counsel at every stage of the process.

OH Parsons is proud to offer our clients the services of the most experienced and professional serious injury solicitors, who are experts at disseminating cases of catastrophic injury and winning significant compensatory packages. We offer a free consultation and do everything in our power to inform our clients about their rights, and how they can best contribute to a successful serious injury claim.

You could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, and we will help you win it.

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