Fracture Claims

A broken or fractured bone can have a significant impact on your mobility, independence and mental well-being. OH Parsons no-win-no-fee fracture claims are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. if you’ve been the victim of a serious injury that wasn’t your fault, start a serious injury claim today.

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What Types of Serious Injuries Can Cause Broken Bones and Fracture Compensation Claims?

There are many scenarios which can result in a broken bone or fractured bone. Often, situations beyond our control present a serious risk of personal injury, and all too often result in damaged bones which may require surgery.

Fracture claims may be possible for broken bones or fractured bones if you’ve suffered:

Common Types of Bone Fractures

It’s a common misconception that broken bones and fractured bones are two separate types of injury. A hairline crack, a fracture or a serious breakage all fall under the umbrella of a broken bone, and may provide grounds for fracture claims.

Some of the most common personal injury cases we make successful fractures claims for include:

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What is the Difference Between a Broken Bone and a Fracture?

In medical terms, there is no diagnostic difference between a broken bone and a fractured bone. The terms are interchangeable, referring to bones which have been shattered in some way by force; however, commonly, ‘fractures’ tend to be perceived as less severe than ‘breakages.’

A doctor, medical professional or personal injury solicitor is actually more likely to use ‘fractured bone’, as this is the ‘correct’ medical terminology. With that said, using ‘broken bone’ is by no means incorrect. Since there is no substantive difference between a ‘broken’ and ‘fractured’ bone, they present exactly the same symptoms.

Both are a serious injury and may give you (as the plaintiff) grounds for making one or more fracture claims, with support from a specialist fractures claims solicitor.

Why Trust OH Parsons With Your Broken Bone Claims?

If you’re considering seeking compensation following a serious injury that wasn’t your fault and you’d like to consult with a professional fracture claims lawyer, there really is no better place than OH Parsons.

With 75+ years experience as a leading UK lawyer specialising in fractures claims and medical negligence, we’ve helped our clients win tens of millions of pounds in compensation following an injury and the related symptoms they experience.

We operate a no-win-no-fee policy, meaning that you’ll only incur lawyer costs in the event that your fracture claims are successful.

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Broken Bone / Fracture Claims: FAQs

Can I make a broken bone claim?

Yes, absolutely. Fractures claims exist to help every plaintiff get the compensation they deserve following a personal or serious injury. If you’ve suffered a broken bone that wasn’t your fault – anything from a bump on the nose to a skull fracture – get in touch with an OH Parsons lawyer now to discuss the fractures claims procedure.

How long do I have to make a broken bone or fracture claim?

As with all serious injuries, the time limit following an injury in which you can begin the fractures claims process lasts for three years. Fractures claims can take time to resolve, and so the key to successfully winning compensation is early intervention by a specialist solicitor.

What will it cost to make a fracture compensation claim?

The exact costs involved in fractures claims depend on the nature of your injury and the case we build. With that said, it’s worth noting that OH Parsons operate a no-win-no-fee policy, meaning you’ll only incur legal costs in the event that your case is successful.

How much broken bone and fracture compensation can I receive?

Depending on the nature of your fracture claims, your symptoms, the details surrounding your injury and the pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result, there is theoretically no ceiling on the amount of compensation you could be entitled to. We regularly win life-changing sums for our clients in the form of deserved compensation.

What will my fracture claim cover?

Fracture claims cover any form of broken bone, fractured bone and injuries related to bones. Your claim may also cover the relevant symptoms, costs of surgery, emotional and/or mental suffering, and legal costs in the event of success.