Amputation Compensation Claims

Amputation compensation claims are there for when you’ve suffered a serious injury, either through an accident or medical negligence. OH Parsons specialist lawyers and solicitors are here to assist you in navigating your disability and rehabilitation following amputation or the loss of a limb.

Know your human rights, receive expert knowledge and treatment, and seek specialist legal advice pertaining to amputation claims and compensation with OH Parsons.

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Accidents That Can Lead to Amputation or Loss of Limbs

Amputation and/or the loss of a limb is a life-changing event that can have a serious impact on the day-to-day existence of the patient. Unfortunately, there are a range of situations that may present a risk. Some scenarios that may lead to amputation treatment of loss of limb rehabilitation include:

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Making an Amputation Compensation Claim

The amputation claims and compensation journey can be a long road, but with specialist personal injury solicitors by your side, treatment and rehabilitation can be made as smooth as possible for the claimant.

1. Information gathering

The legal compensation process begins with the gathering of witness evidence. Our expert serious injury claims specialists will collate information and testimonies surrounding the incident that has resulted in an amputation or loss of limb. This may involve any risk that was present at the scene, failure to mitigate danger, immediate symptoms and treatment, or relevant disability concerns.

2. Medical assessment

It’s also necessary for us to examine medical records – this helps to determine if any medical negligence has taken place. Solicitors will collect details about the amputated or lost limb (eg., arm or leg), as well as treatment records, rehabilitation procedures, blood profile, history of infection, recommended prosthetics, as well as any adjacent conditions (eg., diabetes).

3. Amputation claims and compensation

Next, we will assess the case and give you an honest verdict as to the likelihood of success and winning compensation. If the potential compensator shows a failure to acknowledge their part in the incident, and provide interim funding (such as payment for the amputation treatment, prosthetics or rehabilitation), we will issue court proceedings.

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OH Parsons are the UK leaders in amputation claims and compensation cases. With a specialist team of solicitors, we provide expert legal advice in matters of serious personal injury and medical negligence.

We strive to support each and every client, and we’ll bring the full weight of our knowledge in social security and human rights to bear for your individual case. And, with a no-win-no-fee policy, you can rest assured that you won’t be liable for any legal costs until your case is resolved successfully.

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Amputation Claims: FAQs

Can I make an amputation claim?

If you’ve lost a limb as the result of an incident that was not your fault, you’re in a position to make an amputation claim. Among other matters, your case will take into consideration:

  • The nature of the disability and personal injury you’ve suffered
  • The treatment (including blood transfusion)
  • Any medical negligence (eg., failure to acknowledge a diabetic condition or subsequent infection)
  • Rehabilitation and lasting symptoms risk
  • Violation of human rights
  • Availability of prosthetics

How long do I have to make an amputation claim?

As with any personal injury claim, an amputation claim must be filed within three years following the initial incident and loss of limb. The amputation claims and compensation process can be a lengthy one – this is why it’s so important to seek legal advice and expert consultation as soon as possible.

What will it cost to make an amputation compensation claim?

With treatment and legal costs, an amputation claim is rarely cheap; with that said, the total sum of your amputation claims and compensation case will very much depend on the specific incident and exact nature of your situation.

However, OH Parsons is proud to operate with a no-win-no-fee policy. This means that you will not be liable to pay any legal costs until such time as your amputation claim is successfully resolved.

How much amputation compensation can I receive?

Again, the final figure of the compensation you could be due will depend on the individual nature of your situation.

Legal proceedings will take into account such matters as the details involved in the loss of limb (eg., arm or leg), disability and symptoms, social security, treatment and rehabilitation, any infection, negligence or medical risk present, necessary prosthetics and human rights.

With so many variables there is, in theory, no limit to the amount of compensation you might seek in an amputation claim.

What will my amputation claim cover?

Amputation claims and compensation cases cover everything relevant to your case. This includes the costs of treatment and rehabilitation, emotional pain and suffering, loss of earnings, compensation for the lost or amputated limb, and in some cases legal advice.