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Met with an accident in a public place? You may be entitled to compensation

People across the UK go out and about with their daily chores. Avoidable accidents in public places are quite a common mishap in the country. Be it parks or restaurants, car parks or beaches, shopping centres or bus stands, or any other public space, if you have had an accident, then you could get compensation for your injury.

Why are you eligible to file for a compensation claim?

Accidents in public places can take different forms and cause different types of injuries with resultant impact on your daily life nevertheless, meeting with an accident should be the last thing you would ever expect when you are outside.

Local authorities, business owners, supermarkets, schools etc., are duty-bound to take care of people who visit their premises. They must ensure that any risk to the safety of the public is minimized. If someone suffers an injury at a public place, they could claim compensation. Our expert personal injury lawyers at OH Parsons are here to help you with the process

What expenses can be included in a compensation claim for an accident at a public place?

The amount of compensation depends on the nature of your injury and its impact on your life. Your injury could cost you a good deal of money. There may be medical bills and your rehabilitation expenses. You may have incurred travel costs for medical treatment. You may have received reduced pay at your job while recovering from the injury. Sometimes, such injuries cause huge financial pressures that can make it difficult to pay bills and support your family.

All these factors form an integral part of your claim, and it is on the basis of these aspects that the amount of the compensation claim is determined.

What is the time period to make a compensation claim?

Normally, you need to make a compensation claim within three years of the accident. Your personal injury lawyer needs all the information regarding your accident and its outcomes as soon as possible after the accident to help the claim.

You can call our legal solicitors at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­020 7379 7277 for a free consultation regarding all the details for making a compensation claim for an accident at a public place

Why should I choose OH Parsons for my claim?

OH Parsons has a specialized team of public liability lawyers that have been helping people across the country to obtain compensation for accidents in public placesOur expert lawyers have had immense success in winning claims for people who have suffered injuries in public spaces.

Your accident claim can be handled on a No Win No Fee basis. You will not then have to pay fees even if your case does not win. principal does not entitle you to pay us any fee no matter you win or lose your case. We claim our costs from the Defendant.

What are the common types of accidents in a public place that we can claim compensation for?

Over the years, OH Parsons has helped thousands of our clients secure compensation for accidents in public places. Slips, trips, and falls on uneven roads or pavements constitute the most common accident, along with slips and trips on wet floors in shopping centres or shops. These accidents also include hot beverage spills in cafes and restaurants, accidents on an escalator or in a lift, accidents due to faulty equipment in a gym, injuries due to broken glass or other dangerous objects lying in parks, beaches etc. If you have suffered any such accident, even if you do not know who is responsible, then you should contact our expert personal injury lawyers to advise you on whether you can make a claim.

Who will pay my compensation in case of an accident in a public place?

Almost every organization or business in the United Kingdom has public liability insurance to cover claims for personal injuries. Therefore, your compensation will be paid by their insurance company.

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