Personal Injury Claim in UK

Personal Injury Claim

OH Parsons is a leading law firm that boasts a high reputation for winning personal injury claims. If you have suffered from any minor or major injury owing to the negligence of another person then you can claim compensation against that person. If you are searching for the best “injury lawyer near me”, then OH Parsons houses a highly competent and professional team of personal injury lawyers.

We have a large and loyal base of clients who have obtained significant compensation for their personal injuries through services. Our clients are always welcome to come back to us whenever we can help them.

What are the different kinds of personal injuries you can claim for?

Here is a list of some of the most common types of personal injury claims that OH Parsons helps its clients to win:

Accidents in the workplace or during the course of work

Contact us if you have been injured in your workplace, or in connection with your work. It might be due to the negligence of your employer or a fellow employee; we will get you compensated for your injury.

Road Traffic Accidents

We have a long history of assisting clients who have been injured in road traffic accidents. We also have specialist experience in acting for motorcyclists and cyclists, as well as pedestrians who are injured on the road.

Serious Injuries

We have a specialist serious injury department. As well as obtaining the maximum compensation for clients, we have an excellent range of connections with the medical profession. This means that we are able to help with treatment and rehabilitation, as well as arranging home adaptations and anything else that is needed as a consequence of your injury.

Accidents in public places

These accidents are very common. They might include an accident on the highway or on a pavement, in a shop or a car park, a bus stand or anywhere else. Wet and slippery floors and uneven floor surfaces are common causes of accidents. They can be difficult cases to win, and we have an experienced specialist team ready to help you.

Medical negligence

Sometimes during the course of medical treatment things go wrong, and this can have serious consequences. If this is the fault of the medical practitioner there will be a liability for the injury or damage caused. We have a specialist clinical negligence team who can assist you with this

What is the No Win No Fees rule?

One of the first concerns for most clients is how the claim will be funded. We act for clients under “no win no fee” arrangements. This means that if your case is not successful for any reason there will be no charge to you. It also means that we are able to handle any expenses on the claim. When your case is successful we are able to recover the bulk of your legal costs from the compensator. If you want the best solicitors to fight your case for personal injury claims and win then OH Parsons is the firm for you.

Am I eligible to make a personal injury claim?

If you have suffered a disease, illness or a personal injury due to the fault of another person and if this has happened within a time period of the last 3 years then you are probably eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation. There is no age restriction, but if you are under 18 years of age you will need a parent or other suitable adult to handle the legal claim for you.

What sort of injury can I claim for?

An injury can be physical or mental. Any injury that is caused by the fault of another can generally be claimed for. It is necessary to show that the injury you complain of was caused by the fault of the other party. Sometimes multiple injuries can be caused by one accident or a combination of physical and psychological injuries. We can review and advise you on what injuries can be claimed on a case by case basis. Personal injuries can range from minor bruises and cuts to serious life-changing conditions including fatality.

How can I make a personal injury claim?

Firstly you need to contact us for a free consultation. One of our personal injury lawyer team will get in touch with you and explain to you the process of the legal claim and settlement process. We will also consider with you the best way to proceed. Our team will help you collect the required evidence to build a strong case in your favour. We will discuss with you what evidence is required on a case by case basis, including photographs, witness details and any paperwork. Once we have all this information we can make a personal injury claim and go ahead with the procedure.

What amount can I receive as personal injury compensation?

The consequences of an injury will vary from person to person, in terms of physical and mental health as well financial loss and expense. Therefore, the amount of compensation that you will be entitled to receive would be absolutely personal to you.

Our injury lawyers possess the right knowledge to help calculate the accurate amount of your compensation on the basis of various factors. Being one of the best personal injury law firms in the UK, we have a highly effective system with no hidden costs that make the experience of our clients with us stress-free and easy.

Why opt for OH Parsons for making a personal injury claim?

Our personal injury solicitors are thorough professionals who have years of experience behind them. They are some of the best solicitors in the field and have substantial experience of acting in all manner of personal injury claims. This means that we have the best team to help you with your personal injury claim. No matter where you are located in the United Kingdom, whether you have suffered an injury at your workplace or through your work, in a public place, or on the highway or walkways, our skilled team of personal injury lawyers are always here to help you. We have a strong record of winning maximum compensation on our cases and helping our clients win many thousands of pounds as personal injury compensation.

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Personal Injury

Our expert personal injury lawyers have years of experience representing those who are injured through no fault of their own.


If you have been treated unfairly at work, our employment law team can help you. We act for employees only and we never act for employers or insurance companies.

Clinical Negligence

Our team of medical negligence solicitors can help pursue a claim for you if your health has been affected as a result of sub-standard medical care.

Industrial Disease

If you have a work related illness, we can help. our solicitors have recovered millions of pounds of compensation for those suffering illnesses or diseases.

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