Ms G’s workplace accident claim

Ms G, working as cabin crew for British Airways, was leaving the aircraft at Heathrow Airport when she slipped on the wet jetty, fell to the floor, and landed on her left wrist. She was taken to hospital and informed she had a Colles fracture.

An x-ray was taken and despite the doctor best efforts to heal the injury with plaster, Ms G underwent two surgeries where a metal plate and screws were put in place to support and heal the bone. She was unable to return to work and was off for 10 months. During this time, she had a number of physiotherapy sessions as part of the recovery process. 

OH Parsons was instructed to investigate the workplace accident and the claim was issued and served on the defendants’ solicitors. The defendants denied liability, that they were not in breach, and no legal responsibility for the accidents and injuries were taken.  

The case was then listed for trail in June 2022 and following the disclosure of documents, the defendants made a settlements offer in February 2022 which the claimant accepted. 

OH Parsons was able to successfully secure £10,000 in compensation for the client. 

‘I was supported throughout my personal injury claim, and I would highly recommend OH Parsons for their professional services’  

Have you suffered an accident at work? 

If you’ve been injured at work, then it might be the result of the negligence of your employer or a co-worker. OH Parsons has dealt with multitudes of such cases and has experienced and professional personal injury lawyers that act for the injured in seeking compensation against the employer. 

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