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Hospital Negligence Claims

With any treatment or surgical procedures at a hospital there is always a certain degree of risk involved. Sometimes, things might go wrong owing to the negligence of a health practitioner at the hospital. In such a case, you can count on us to help you with a hospital negligence claim. We can help you get the compensation you are entitled to, to make up for what you’ve been through and the financial losses you have suffered

What kind of health risks come under hospital negligence?

Some of the health risks that come under hospital negligence are as following:

      • surgical errors
      • brain and spinal injuries
      • misdiagnoses of illnesses
      • cardiac concerns
      • nerve injuries
      • drug errors
      • prescription mistakes
      • infection
      • neglectful care by hospital staff
      • fatalities
      • poor post-operative care

How can OH Parsons help me with making a hospital negligence claim?

When you contact our medical negligence solicitors, we may initially advise you to write a letter of complaint to the hospital authorities.

If you have suffered from an injury or health condition due to hospital negligence then our medical negligence solicitors will help you write a formal written complaint to the hospital authorities as the preliminary step of a hospital negligence claim. You can contact our team for initial consultation at 020 7379 7277.

How can I make a complaint with the hospital authorities

The very first step of making a hospital negligence claim is to write a written complaint (by letter or by email) to the hospital authorities stating what happened and asking questions about why things happened the way they did and highlighting your concerns. With respect to this complaint, you should keep the following records:

      • The date and time you spoke to the authorities
      • A copy of the written complaint letter
      • Details of any discussions or meetings with the authorities

What is No Win No Fee medical negligence claim?

We can offer a “NO WIN NO FEE” agreement under which our clients do not need to worry about legal costs if the claim is unsuccessful.

How long do I have in order to make a medical negligence claim?

In most cases of hospital negligence, you have a time frame of 3 years to make a medical negligence claim. This timeline of 3 years starts from day you sustained the injury out of hospital negligence or from the date you figured out that you had suffered additional, significant harm due to the hospital’s negligence.

However, it is essential for you to contact our medical negligence lawyers so that they can provide you with advice regarding this deadline. We will also provide you with all the necessary details and support throughout the process of the legal case.

Can someone claim compensation if a loved one has died due to hospital negligence?

Yes, you can. We would need to obtain evidence that the death was caused by the negligence and we can also claim compensation for what your loved one went through prior to their death. If someone close to you has died and you believe it was due to negligence, contact is about making a hospital negligence claim. Our able medical negligence lawyers can help you with the following:

      • Representing you at an inquest
      • Recovering compensation for hospital negligence that caused your loved one’s pain and suffering and their death.

We can also claim for financial losses and expenses such as funeral costs, lost earnings and other monetary costs. 

We will advise you on this and make sure we claim for everything you and your family are entitled to.

Can someone claim compensation for an infection acquired due to hospital negligence?

Yes, you can. If you have acquired an infection during your treatment at the hospital and this happened as a result of hospital negligence, then you can make a hospital negligence claim against the authorities. Insufficient hygiene practices by the hospital staff often lead to certain infections in patients. Some related instances are as follows:

      • Patients not being screened for bacterial infection while being admitted to the hospital
      • Failure in treating the infection even after screening it
      • Poor treatment methods for healing infections
      • Improper use of antibiotics
      • Poor nursing methods
      • Lack of monitoring

Do I need to undergo a medical examination to make a hospital negligence claim?

It will be necessary for you to undergo a medical examination to establish the severity of the health problem caused by the hospital negligence. We will arrange for an independent (i.e. not connected with the hospital responsible) medical expert to carry out the examination.

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