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GP Negligence Claims

General practitioners treat patients with minor health issues and are also responsible for referring them to specialists for more serious or complex medical issue. These doctors are life savers and help many patients every day. However, sometimes, unacceptable mistakes are made, conditions are missed, wrong diagnoses are made, referrals to specialists aren’t made or aren’t made urgently enough, test results aren’t dealt with appropriately causing the patients to suffer; sadly their conditions may become worse and opportunities for earlier treatment are missed.

OH Parsons have a proficient team of medical negligence solicitors.  We have extensive experience of helping victims of medical negligence by helping them obtain compensation my making GP negligence claims against the accused practitioner or the medical institute.

What do you mean by medical negligence?

When GPs fail to provide their patient with an acceptable level of care or provide sub-standard care, it is known as medical negligence. What is acceptable and what is sub-standard is assessed by independent medical experts that are also GPs. This can include things such asmisdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses, failure or delayed referral to specialists, not actioning test results, prescribing inappropriate medication, failing to monitor conditions or side-effects. 

What is a GP negligence claim?

A GP negligence claim or a medical negligence claim is a legal procedure that a victim of medical negligence brings against an individual GP, a group of GPs and/or the GP Practice itself .

How can I make a GP negligence claim?

The very first step is to contact us for an initial consultation at 020 7379 7277. We will discuss with you all the details of your experience with the GP and why you think you’ve been a victim of medical negligence. Often it is a good idea to make a formal written complaint to the GP practice.

We will then request, on your behalf, all of your GP records and any relevant hospital records. We will also take a statement from you about exactly what happened and we may interview other witnesses, for example if a friend or family member was at an appointment with the GP, we might ask them to give a statement. 

What is the process of the medical negligence claim?

Once we have all the medical records and have spoken to witnesses, our  medical negligence solicitors will approach and then instruct an appropriate independent expert. For a GP negligence claim, this is likely to be a GP expert but it will be someone independent from your GP. We might also have to instruct other medical experts in relation to the damage caused; for example, if the negligence lead to vascular problems, we would need an independent vascular surgeon expert to produce a report as well. Once we have the expert reports, we will advise you on them. If they support a claim for negligence, we will then send what’s known as a Letter of Claim to the GP(s) and/or the GP surgery. The GP then has to provide a Letter of Response. Depending on what the Letter of Response says, it may be necessary to commence court proceedings.  

We will explain each step of the process to you as the claim progresses and you can always ask us if you are unsure of what is happening. 

What is the financial cost of making a GP negligence claim?

OH Parsons is the leading law firm that can help you secure compensation for medical negligence. We are highly approachable solicitors. We work on a “No Win No Fee” basis which provides reassurance to you that you don’t need to worry about big legal bills if the claim is unsuccessful.

What is the duration of a GP negligence claim?

How long it takes to settle a GP negligence claim varies from case to case as every case is highly individual in nature. Generally, it depends on whether the medical practitioner or the health authority accepts  fault. You can expect the claim to take between 2 and 4 years to settle. As your claim progresses, we will be able to give a better indication of how long we expect it to take. 

Why opt for OH Parsons to settle your GP negligence claims?

OH Parsons has decades of experience in handling complicated GP negligence claims and we our able medical negligence solicitors will thoroughly investigate your claim and do their best to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

With claims involving catastrophic injuries, our empathetic medical negligence lawyers can provide you with advice and help with obtaining support with rehabilitation and adapting to what has happened to you. Once we have secured an admission of liability, we can ask for an interim payment of damages which you can use to get what you need when you need it. An interim payment is a payment of some of your damages paid before the claim settles for the entire value.   


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