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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

A great number of celebrities in the media are reported to have had some types of cosmetic surgery, but it is not just celebrities these days who undergo such treatment to adjust their physical appearance. Many members of the general public have such procedures also. However, sometimes the process goes wrong, and this might cause physical or psychological scarring to the patient, due to the faulty procedure. Financial loss can also be a result of the procedure as further remedial surgery is then necessary to correct the original faulty procedure. If you have been a victim of faulty cosmetic surgery then we, at OH Parsons, can help you secure cosmetic surgery compensation by assisting you to bring a claim through the court process or even outside the court process.

In what scenario are you eligible to make a cosmetic surgery claim?

At OH Parsons, our experienced solicitors can help you make a cosmetic surgery claim against the doctors, surgeons and practitioners, who have failed to give you desired results after cosmetic treatments. A claim could also be made against the private clinic or private company with whom you entered into a contract. Below are listed some of the circumstances that could entitle you to bring a compensation claim:-

      • You were not informed properly about the risks involved during the process to enable you to give informed consent
      • The quality of treatment was sub standard
      • Equipment and tools used in the surgery were defective in quality
      • Infection due to lack of hygiene
      • Operation conducted on the wrong body part
      • Leaving surgical equipment inside the patient’s body
      • You did not receive the required after-care

What are some of the common cosmetic surgery blunders for which you could bring a cosmetic surgery claim?

Some of the common types of cosmetic surgery blunders can involve:

      • Breast surgery injuries
      • Rhinoplasty injuries
      • Tummy tuck negligence
      • Laser surgery injuries
      • Facelift injuries
      • Hair transplant injuries
      • Skin lift injuries
      • Thread vein removal
      • Dental surgery injury

How can I bring a No Win No Fee claim?

If you have received substandard results from a cosmetic surgery procedure, then you could be entitled to compensation for your injury and trauma and financial losses. At OH Parsons, we can help you make a cosmetic surgery claim under a “No Win No Fee” agreement, which is often referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement. You can contact our solicitors at 020 7379 7277 or email us on info@ohparsons.co.uk for more information.

What financial aspects can I claim compensation for?

This depends on what are the financial consequences for you of having had substandard treatment. The purpose of compensation is to put the injured individual back in the position they would have been in, if there had not been negligent treatment. This might include:

      • Reimbursement of the cost of the substandard treatment
      • Medical expenses including treatment costs, costs for painkillers, doctor’s consultation fees, physiotherapy, diagnostic tests, massage therapy, medicines.
      • Travel expenses related to the treatment

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