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If you’ve experienced hearing loss due to exposure to excessive noise in the workplace, you’re not alone. At OH Parsons, our dedicated team of solicitors specialises in helping individuals like you navigate the complexities of noise-induced hearing loss claims. With our expertise and commitment to justice, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims

People working in industries and factories where there is the use of noisy machines or noisy processes are often vulnerable to developing hearing loss conditions. Each year the UK witnesses thousands of people developing Noise Induced Hearing Loss or NIHL as they are not properly trained at their workplace or given proper protection. Your employer has a duty to protect you from harm and safeguard your health while you are at work. Over the years, OH Parsons has helped many employees make industrial deafness claims and get compensation from their employer.


What Is a Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Claim?

In environments with loud machinery or processes, workers are often at risk of developing hearing loss conditions. In fact, thousands of workers in the UK suffer from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) due to inadequate workplace training or protection. 
Your employer is legally obligated to ensure workplace safety, so if that is not the case, it might be time to start a noise-induced hearing loss claim. At OH Parsons, we have a proven track record of assisting employees in making successful industrial deafness claims, securing compensation from negligent employers.

Who is Eligible to Make a Claim?

If you have suffered hearing loss or related conditions due to exposure to excessive noise in the workplace, you are likely eligible to make a hearing loss claim.

Eligibility typically extends to employees who were not adequately provided with protective equipment or proper training to mitigate the risks of noise-induced hearing loss.

Consulting with our experienced solicitors here at OH Parsons can help determine your eligibility and guide you through the claims process.


How can I Make a Hearing Loss Claim Under the No Win No Fee Scheme?

You can make a claim for industrial hearing loss on the basis of our No Win NO Fee scheme which means that you are not liable to pay any upfront charges.

You can call our Expert industrial deafness solicitors at 020 7379 7277 for a free consultation as they can help you understand the entire legal process more clearly. Also, they will listen to you to get an understanding of your case and help you to determine whether your claim will be successful or not.


How Much Compensation Could I Receive for an Occupational Hearing Loss Claim?

The Industrial deafness claims procedure can be a daunting one. We need to consider, initially, whether the noise was sufficient, whether you have brought the claim within the allowable time, and whether the responsible employer still exists or has insurance to cover the claim.

We aim to recover for you:

  • Compensation for the actual loss of hearing and/or tinnitus
  • Special equipment costs such as the cost of hearing aids, telephones, adapted doorbells, etc.
  • Loss of earning in case you were absent from work, lost your job because of your hearing loss, and/or had to shift to a lower-paying job
  • Emotional impact or trauma that you had to suffer because of your hearing loss such as loss of hobbies or inability to attend important events

When Can I Expect to Receive Compensation?

Hearing loss claims can vary in duration depending on several factors. If your employer acknowledges their responsibility and agrees to compensate without contest, the process can be relatively quick. However, if liability is disputed or negotiations stall, court proceedings may be necessary, potentially extending the timeline to several years.

Rest assured, our dedicated solicitors strive to expedite the process while ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.


How long do I have to Start a Claim for Occupational Hearing Loss?

Typically, the time limit for initiating a hearing loss claim is three years from the date of knowledge. This refers to when it becomes apparent, or when you reasonably should have known, about your noise-induced hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Navigating this aspect can be complex, but our experienced solicitors are always happy to provide guidance.


How long will my Claim take?

Hearing claims are often settled out of court if the employer admits to his responsibility and agrees to pay the compensation amount without much fuss. However, if he fails to admit the claim or agrees to pay a reasonable sum then we may have to issue court proceedings and the entire process may take up to a few years. However, our professional solicitors try their best to wrap up the case as soon as possible and secure the compensation for you.


Understanding the Legal Process for Hearing Loss Claims

Navigating the legal process for hearing loss claims involves several crucial steps.

  • Initially, our expert solicitors will assess the circumstances of your case to determine its viability.
  • Once confirmed, we’ll gather pertinent evidence, including medical records, employment history, and witness testimonies.
  • From there, we’ll guide you through the claims process, providing transparent and knowledgeable legal support every step of the way.


What Evidence is Needed to Support My Claim?

Building a robust case for your noise-induced hearing loss claim requires comprehensive evidence. Essential documentation includes:

  • Medical records confirming your diagnosis
  • Employment records detailing your work history and exposure to noise
  • Witness statements corroborating your experiences
  • Any relevant correspondence with your employer regarding workplace safety measures

Our experienced solicitors will guide you through the process of gathering and presenting this evidence to support your case effectively.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Fatal Accident Claims

There are certain industries that are more likely to cause hearing loss among workers or employees. These are industries where there is an abundant use of loud machinery, such as woodworking machines, heavy industrial machinery, jackhammers, drills, pneumatic tools, etc.

Construction and factory workers therefore stand a higher risk of developing industrial deafness. In addition, use of telephones over long periods, or headsets with high frequencies can lead to noise induced hearing loss. People working in the military and those working in nightclubs and bars are also vulnerable to this condition.

The various types of noise-induced hearing loss are:

  • Tinnitus – whistling or buzzing sound in ears
  • Occupational deafness – partial or complete deafness caused by damage of the inner ear
  • Acoustic shock syndrome – caused by continuous exposure to high decibel sound or a loud explosion
  • Acoustic trauma – temporary harm caused by a sudden loud noise (such as through a headset)

Symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss can include:

  • Gradual or sudden difficulty hearing speech or other sounds
  • Ringing, buzzing, or roaring noises in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Muffled or distorted hearing
  • Difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments
    Increased sensitivity to loud noises
  • Pain or discomfort in the ears (less common)

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to seek medical attention promptly and consult with our experienced solicitors to explore your legal options for compensation.

All employers are bound to take care of their employees and do their best to prevent you from suffering hearing loss due to noise exposure. Legislation and Guidance has been in place for many years requiring employers and occupiers of premises to take steps including:

  • Provide earplugs or other ear protection for employees
  • Offer frequent work breaks to employees so that they get to stay away from constant noise for some time
  • Decrease the amount of noise emitting from the machine or tool
  • Provide regular hearing tests

Untreated noise-induced hearing loss can have significant long-term consequences, affecting not only your ability to communicate and engage with others but also your overall quality of life. It may even lead to social isolation, depression, cognitive decline, and decreased job performance. Seeking prompt medical attention and exploring your legal options is crucial for addressing these consequences and securing the compensation you deserve.

If you suspect you have noise-induced hearing loss resulting from your work environment, it’s essential to take action promptly. Our solicitors can advise you on the steps to take, including seeking medical attention, documenting your symptoms, and exploring your legal options for compensation.

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