Occupational dermatitis compensation and occupational dermatitis claims in UK

Industrial Dermatitis Claims

Occupational dermatitis is a common industrial disease in the UK. It is caused when you develop skin-related problems such as rashes and dry patches due to your work activity. Such issues usually arise when your employer fails to provide you with safe working conditions and you are exposed to hazardous chemicals and substances which tend to cause skin problems. If you have been diagnosed with a skin condition and your employer is the one at fault, then OH Parsons is here to help you with your dermatitis claims. Our specialist industrial disease solicitors can pursue all kinds of dermatitis claims and secure rightful compensation for you from your employer.

What are the causes that lead to dermatitis among workers?

There are many causes of dermatitis in the workplace. Those who work with wet hands and come in contact with cleaning materials like soap and detergents, or those working with dyes, paints, bleaches, acids, alkalis, oils and greases, organic solvents, etc., are vulnerable to skin diseases.

Those who work with materials such as rubber, latex, cement, petroleum, nickel, flour, etc are also at risk. These are just examples of the many products and materials that can cause skin problems.

Dermatitis can also be caused if a person is excessively and continuously exposed to contaminated surfaces. Sometimes, airborne substances that deposit on the skin also cause dermatitis. Sometimes, it can also occur due to vibration, radiation, or abrasion.

People who are at high risk of developing dermatitis are dyers, miners, hairdressers, florists, cooks, beauticians, and those engaged in chemical manufacturing occupations.

What are the symptoms of occupational dermatitis?

The symptoms of occupational dermatitis are the same as those of dermatitis. It is the way in which the disease is contracted that makes the difference. Occupational dermatitis is caused due to workplace activity.

The common symptoms of occupational dermatitis are itching, redness, change or loss of skin color, blotchiness, cracking of the skin, etc. The symptoms and the severity of these symptoms may differ from person to person, depending on the amount and time of exposure to the hazardous substance and personal susceptibility.

What precautionary measures employers must take to prevent the risk of occupational dermatitis among workers?

Employers should take the following precautionary measures to ensure that the risk of developing occupational dermatitis is minimized among workers:

      • Conduct a comprehensive assessment in the workplace to identify the potential risk factors of occupational dermatitis
      • Provide proper training to workers regarding the use of hazardous substances
      • Providing workers with appropriate personal protective equipment like gloves, gauntlets, barrier creams, etc., so that direct contact with toxic materials is minimized
      • Provide proper washing facilities in the workplace
      • Using alternate substances that are not known to create a risk wherever possible

What are the prerequisites of making occupational dermatitis claims?

Once the condition is diagnosed by a dermatologist, you should assimilate evidence that confirms that your condition is caused due to inappropriate working conditions and over-exposure to toxic chemicals or substances. You need to find out if you can, the names of the products used so we can identify whether they are a known risk.

As occupational dermatitis falls under the category of industrial diseases, you need to hire a specialist dermatitis lawyer who can help you pursue a legal dermatitis claim against your employer. You can contact our industrial disease solicitors for a free consultation at 020 7379 7277 or email us on [email protected]. They will understand your case and guide you through the entire legal process that will ultimately secure your deserved occupational dermatitis compensation.

What is the process of industrial disease claims regarding dermatitis?

OH Parsons is one of the leading law firms in the UK that has successfully handled multiple industrial disease claims for decades. Our No Win No Fees solicitors are always there for a free consultation in which they can easily explain to you the entire legal process for pursuing occupational dermatitis claims. Our operations are based on the No Win No Fee principle where you do not charge you for the case even if your case is unsuccessful.

Our No Win No Fee lawyers will first assess your case and then advise you whether to go forward with a legal lawsuit or not. If your case is a strong one then our specialist industrial disease lawyers will collect all pieces of evidence to claim that your condition is caused as a result of your employer’s neglect and irresponsibility. Once the lawsuit is filed, our lawyers keep you updated with each and every step in the case.

You can rightly focus on your treatment and health, while we fight for your legal rights and get you the compensation that you rightly deserve.

What is the amount of compensation one is entitled to receive in case of dermatitis claims?

Our expert solicitors at OH Parsons will ensure that you claim for the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive. We take into consideration the following aspects before determining the occupational dermatitis compensation amount:

      • The extent and severity of your symptoms
      • Whether it is a sensitization or irritation claim
      • Medication costs
      • Travel costs related to your treatment
      • Financial losses you have incurred because of your condition
      • General damages due to your pain and suffering

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