Industrial Disease Claims in UK

Industrial Disease Claims

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, it is the duty of your employer to provide you with safe working conditions and protect you from health hazards of any kind. Unfortunately, it is commonly seen that many employers fail to fulfill the general criteria of safety for employees who end up inflicted with certain industrial diseases and illnesses. If you have suffered from any such health conditions, then O H Parsons can help you make an industrial disease claim against your employer or other guilty party and secure your industrial disease compensation.

What are some of the common industrial diseases and illnesses for which I can make an industrial disease claim?

Our professional industrial disease solicitors can help you make the following claims with respect to industrial disease:

      • Claims for respiratory diseases including Asbestos-related diseases, Silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, or occupational asthma
      • Claims for compensation due to cancers caused by inhalation or absorption through the skin of fumes and dust;
      • Hearing loss claim including acoustic shock, hearing loss due to noise, tinnitus, etc.
      • Repetitive strain injury claims including carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, ulnar neuropathy, Tennis Elbow, and Tenosynovitis
      • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Claims (previously called Vibration White Finger) including vibration-induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
      • Whole Body Vibration Syndrome
      • Chemical Poisoning
      • Occupational Dermatitis
      • Osteoarthritis

Please note that this list is not an all-comprehensive list as there are countless conditions that employees can suffer if their employers fail to provide them with proper risk management facilities.

What are the various safety measures that an employer should take to avoid industrial diseases among employees?

An employer should take a number of steps to promote workplace safety for his employees and prevent industrial diseases. Some of these steps are:

      • He should arrange for proper training for employees to handle workplace risks
      • He should allow enough breaks in between work (including job rotation) so that workers are not exposed to strenuous work for longer hours
      • Workers should also be given proper safety gear for their protection during work
      • He should always carry out risk assessment and measurement of risks and seek to minimize that risk

What is the No Win No Fee rule?

OH Parsons handles all the industrial disease claims under the No Win No Fee rule where our clients do not have to pay us anything upfront, In fact, if your claim is unsuccessful, then also we will not charge you anything.

Can I make a claim against a company that has now ceased operations?

Yes, you can! If you find out that you are suffering from an industrial disease and your former employer has now ceased its operations completely, then you may still be able to make an industrial disease claim against it. The company should have Employer’s Liability Insurance and so their Insurance company should be paying for your industrial disease compensation

Our industrial disease lawyers can easily track down the related insurance company and help you secure your compensation.

Why should I choose OH Parsons to help me with my industrial disease claim?

OH Parsons is a leading law firm in the UK with a great track record of winning industrial disease claims. We have been actively engaged in fighting such cases for decades and helping our clients attain rightful compensation for their injuries and losses. Each year, our able industrial disease lawyers manage to secure millions of pounds as compensation for our clients. You can contact our team at 020 7379 7277 or email us on if you want to make a claim for industrial diseases.

What amount can I receive as industrial disease compensation?

Industrial diseases vary a lot in severity and value. In theory, the more severe the disease the more compensation you will receive. Also, the compensation amount depends upon many factors upon which our team can fully advise.

What is the industrial disease claim time limit?

If you want to make a claim for industrial disease then you must do it within 3 years of the date upon which the court would determine you should have known you had the condition and it was related to your work. This can be complicated, and we are happy to explain the court’s approach and how it impacts your claim on an individual basis. Industrial disease claims are usually settled out of court as most employers agree to pay compensation when they are approached by our expert industrial disease lawyers. However, if they fail to admit to their mistakes then we may have to issue court proceedings. We will try to settle the case and secure compensation as soon as possible.

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