Unfair Dismissal Claims in UK

Unfair Dismissal Claims

Losing a job can be a traumatic experience and if your dismissal is unfair, it can be even more traumatic.

The law clearly states that dismissing employees without a fair reason and without following a fair procedure can lead to a claim for unfair dismissal at an Employment Tribunal.

We, at OH Parsons, can help you make an unfair dismissal claim against your employer if you have been unfairly dismissed at work.

Why should I choose OH Parsons to make an unfair dismissal claim?

An unfair dismissal claim can be a very difficult situation where you are faced with an immediate loss of income and the uncertainty of trying to find alternative employment.

Even if you do find alternative employment, it may be at a lower rate of pay and in a less senior role.

It is necessary to have expert help in such a situation.  OH Parsons have a great team of unfair dismissal Solicitors that can help you make a claim against your employers for dismissing you without a fair reason.

We will do everything we can to secure compensation for your loss of earnings.  We have helped employees across a range of industries from aviation to construction, from retail to distribution in resolving their unfair dismissals in a professional and successful way.

We have secured literally millions of pounds of compensation for victims of unfair dismissal over our long history.

What services should I expect from OH Parsons if I need to make an unfair dismissal claim?

In cases of an unfair dismissal claim, our unfair dismissal Solicitors can help secure a favourable award of compensation.

We can claim up to a year’s loss of earnings for you depending on your personal circumstances.

We will take the claim right from the beginning, including understanding all of the facts around your situation, we will consider all of the documents and if we advise you that we think you have got reasonable prospects of success, we will lodge all of the Tribunal papers, deal with all of the Tribunal procedure and all the negotiations with your former employers or their Solicitors.

If need be, we will prepare you for the final Tribunal hearing if your claim cannot be settled.

Also, if you have not yet been dismissed at work but fear potential dismissal then we can also give you advice and give you expert guidance on what would be the best steps for you to take to protect your position at work.

Unfair dismissal law is a technical area of law and therefore, you need specialist employment lawyers who can deal with this area.

We have developed a specialism in this area over many years of working on such cases.

When is it legal to dismiss an employee?

There are four valid reasons that an employer can use to dismiss an employee which includes misconduct, incapacity, redundancy or other significant reason.

However, even in these situations, employers have still got to carry out a fair procedure and it would still be important even if you feel that you may be within one of these categories that you still get legal advice.

What is the time limit for making an unfair dismissal claim?

 If you want to make a claim for unfair dismissal you must do so as soon as you can.

Generally, you have three months less than one day to begin an Employment Tribunal claim.

It is possible to extend this time limit as a result of using the ACAS Early Conciliation procedure but it would be advisable to get detailed independent legal advice about this.

Therefore, you should contact your employment law Solicitors as soon as you believe that this is a situation that may apply to you or as soon as you have been dismissed.

Who can make an unfair dismissal claim?

Any employee can make an unfair dismissal claim.  Over the years, we have helped individuals in all grades across many industries including aviation, construction, legal and professional employers, distribution, retail and haulage.

Whether you work in a small scale start-up or a multinational firm, we are ready to help you to the best of our abilities.

We will help you fight for your rights and secure the best compensation for unfair dismissal that we can on your behalf.


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