Discrimination Solicitors

Discrimination Solicitors

Employees and workers are protected from discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination can take place where an employee/worker feels like they have been treated less favourably because of their protected characteristics including:-

      • Race;
      • Age;
      • religion and belief;
      • disability
      • marriage;
      • civil partnerships;
      • gender reassignment;
      • pregnancy and;
      • sexual orientation or sex
If you feel that this has happened to you then our discrimination Solicitors at OH Parsons can help you make a claim against your employer and receive compensation for your treatment.

Why should you chose OH Parsons to make a discrimination claim?

If you have faced discrimination then you can contact our workplace discrimination lawyers for expert legal advice.

Our highly professional team has a large amount of experience in handling cases of discrimination at work from raising a complaint against your employer to taking them to Court, our team is always ready to fight for your best interest and ensure that you achieve justice.

What are the services I can expect in a discrimination case?

Our Discrimination Solicitors are sensitive to different cultural perspectives and will deal with your problems with understanding and discretion and giving you straightforward and practical advice.  It is often important to raise a grievance with your employers if you feel you have been discriminated against and we can help you with that to proceed through Court Proceedings if necessary either at an Employment Tribunal or an Employment Appeal Tribunal if that is necessary.

We may also be able to negotiate with your employers so that we can come to an amicable settlement.

How can I make a discrimination claim against my employer?

The first step is to raise a grievance with your employer so that they get a chance to resolve the matter internally.

If you are  not satisfied with this outcome then, it is possible to bring an Employment Tribunal claim.  You must bring an Employment Tribunal claim within a short time frame of three months less one day from when you feel that you have discriminated against. Our discrimination Solicitors will help you in preparing a strong claim in your favour and will support you through this process so that we can reduce the stress for you as much as possible.

As part of bringing a claim, we can get a declaration that you have been discriminated against and an Order for compensation as well as potentially obtaining an apology from your employer.


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