Employment Law Solicitors

Employment Law Solicitors

The OH Parsons Employment team only ever acts for Employees and never for Employers. The Firm has been at the forefront of protecting workers rights for over 75 years.

We have secured hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation for our clients.

During your career, you will unfortunately likely end up with a disagreement with your employers over your contractual rights, statutory rights, wages, promotion, holidays, or even dismissal itself.

Employees have the most rights at work, including protection from unauthorised deduction from wages, unfair dismissal, flexible working, parental leave and unfair dismissal amongst others.

If you are a worker, you have the right to protection from whistleblowing detriments, and protection from unauthorised deductions from salary. Workers don’t have the right to protection from unfair dismissal.

All workers and employees have protection from discrimination. Whether or not you are an employee, worker or self employed contractor can be a difficult question to answer. Let our team of employment law solicitors help you find out your employment status and the rights you have to safeguards your rights.

Our employment law solicitors have extensive experience in figuring these matters out and can certainly help you.

Who can we help as employment law solicitors?

Whether you are a worker or an employee, our team of employment law solutions can help you.

As long as you work or live in the UK we should be able to assist you. You need to have a strong link with the UK to be able to enforce your rights against your employer and this is where our experienced employment solicitors at OH Parsons can help you.

Type of Employment Cases

Our employment law solicitors are highly experienced and can assist you with your employment dispute.

We can help you with unfair dismissal, wages claims, holiday pay claims, whistleblowing, and discrimination cases.

Tell us your problem and let our employment solicitors find a way to help you.

What happens when you contact our employment solicitors?

Somebody from our team of employment team will get back to you and discuss the matter with you shortly. If it is something our employment law solicitors are likely to be able to help you with, you will be invited to make an appointment with an employment solicitor and a full assessment of your case will be made.

Your matter will be assessed on its merits and our employment solicitors will assist you in all stages of any potential or actual claim.

How will my employment case be funded?

We can consider a no win no fee type of agreement known as a damages based agreement. If the employment solicitor believes your case has a fighting chance, we will confirm this assessment in writing and ask you to agree a funding method that is most suitable for you.

A Damages Based Agreement is appropriate where your case has reasonable prospects of success (assessed by the employment law solicitor). This means that you will not be liable for our fees unless you win, and the firm takes the risk for our fees.

If you win we will charge you an agreed percentage of any damages awarded to you up to a maximum of 35%. Again the percentage of the fees to be deducted will be something the employment law solicitor agrees with you prior to starting work.

Why chose OH Parsons for your employment claim?

The firm has 75 years of experience, and our employment law solicitors have dealt with large companies like British Airways, Virgin, Carillion and other large employers in getting our clients their rights and damages.

Let our employment law solicitors help you.

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If you have been treated unfairly at work, our employment law team can help you. We act for employees only and we never act for employers or insurance companies.

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