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If you have been treated unlawfully by an employer, our employment law solicitors can offer end-to-end legal guidance. At OH Parsons, we strive to achieve the compensation you deserve.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law refers to laws between employers and employees and what each party should expect from the relationship, both as individual professionals and as part of the wider organisation. Whether you are a worker or an employee who has been treated unlawfully, our team of employment law solicitors can help you win the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Both employers and employees have rights and obligations. At OH Parsons, our employment law solicitors for employees aim to support those who have been treated unlawfully by their employer, be that though unfair dismissal, discrimination or other forms of employer misconduct. Our experts have a deep understanding of the broad scope of employment laws, so you can rest assured you are receiving the most accurate advice throughout the claims process.

Types of employment law cases

Employment law is extremely broad, and there are a range of different avenues relating to employer misconduct specifically. Our employment law solicitors are highly experienced and have helped hundreds of clients receive appropriate compensation for their unfair treatment in the workplace.

We can assist you with a variety of employment disputes, including these most common types of claim:

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of employment law cases. If you require any kind of legal advice regarding employment, feel free to contact us directly to find out whether we can support you in making a claim.

Your Trusted Partners

Thousands of clients have secured successful compensation benefits thanks to our support. As a leading employment law claims service, we are trusted to help clients with a range of simple and complex cases.

Years of Industry Experience

We have a range of specialists spanning our different legal services, each boasting a diverse portfolio of case successes. We have decades of combined experience supporting clients with employment law claims.

No Win, No Fee

We provide a no win, no fee service, meaning our clients can forget the stresses of paying for legal advice if for any reason your claim is unsuccessful. If we win your case, we are able to recover the bulk of your legal costs from the compensator.

Providing a Personal Service

At OH Parsons we’re committed to supporting you, the individual. Our experience in employment law claims spans across all types of employer misconduct, including unfair dismissal and discrimination. OH Parsons will be your dedicated partner throughout the claims process.

Regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority

When you first contact our employment solicitors, somebody from our team will get back to you to discuss the details of the matter directly. If what you are describing is something our employment law solicitors can assist you with, you will be invited to make an appointment. This appointment will be with a dedicated employment law solicitor and will be an opportunity for them to conduct a full assessment of your case.

Your matter will be assessed on its merits, and our solicitors will of course be able to assist you in all stages of any potential or actual claim. For claims to properly take place, we will need to collect information from you regarding your employer, your contracted employment dates and any evidence relating to your case. We may also ask for witness statements from your colleagues depending on the nature of your case. Once this has been provided, we can help you build a winning argument, backed up by your evidence, that should see you through any required hearings and result in fair compensation.

In the majority of cases, a settlement will be able to be negotiated. Otherwise, the case will be taken to an Employment Tribunal or High Court. If this is the case, our employment law solicitors will be there to support you throughout any hearings that take place, help you provide and showcase your evidence and support you in communicating your argument for the best chances of success.

The amount you can receive from employment law claims will largely depend on your case and whether it gets taken to an Employment Tribunal or High Court. While we will usually be able to negotiate a settlement for you, sometimes cases face more difficulty and further action needs to be taken to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation. All of this, as well as the fundamental nature of your case, will impact the amount you may receive. Get a case evaluation with us today for more detailed information about this.

Depending on the timeframe surrounding your leaving or starting a role, we should be able to assist you in these kinds of claims. There are some specific exceptions, for example claims regarding unfair dismissal or breach of contract cannot officially begin until the end of your employment contract. 

If you would like more personalised advice about how soon before or after an employment contract you can make a claim, please contact our expert team directly and they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Get Started With Support From Employment Law Solicitors

With support from OH Parsons employment law solicitors, you can establish a strong case and win thousands of pounds in compensation in no time. Start today and see how much you could be entitled to.

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Industry Leading Employment Law Solicitors

Starting an employment law case with OH Parsons means you’ll have nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to gain. We can consider a no win, no fee type of agreement known as a ‘damages based agreement’. If the employment solicitor believes your case has a fighting chance, we will confirm this assessment in writing and ask you to agree on a funding method that is most suitable for you.

A Damages Based Agreement is appropriate where your case has reasonable prospects of success (assessed by the employment law solicitor). This means that you will not be liable for our fees unless you win, and the firm takes the risk for our fees. If you do win, we will charge you an agreed percentage of any damages awarded to you up to a maximum of 35%. Again, the percentage of the fees to be deducted will be something the employment law solicitor agrees with you prior to starting work on your case.

Why Choose OH Parsons Employment Law Solicitors?

OH Parsons is a leading law firm in the UK with a great track record of winning employment law claims. We have dealt with companies such as British Airways, Virgin, Carillion and other large employers, helping our clients understand their rights and win compensation for any damages. Each year, our fantastic employment law solicitors for employees manage to secure millions of pounds as compensation.

OH Parsons boasts a high reputation for winning employment law cases. Start the process now and see how much you could win with our dedicated support.

Are there any restrictions regarding who you can help?

As long as you work or live in the UK, we should be able to assist you. You will need to have a strong link with the UK to be able to enforce your rights against your employer. If you aren’t sure how to prove this, experienced employment law solicitors at OH Parsons can help you.

What will your employment law solicitor need from you?

During the initial stages of the claim, you will only need to provide your solicitor with details of your specific issue, and your workplace details. From there, more evidence, witness statements and other important documents can be collected and assessed later on in the process.

Can you take over from my current employment law solicitor?

Yes, we would be more than happy to take over from your current solicitor, but there will be a process involving an exchange of documents and other handovers to help this run as smoothly as possible. If you already have solicitors working on your employment discrimination case but you would like to work with our team instead, just give us a call and we can start the transition with you.

How will I pay for legal help in my employment law case?

Fixed fees are one of the payment options we can offer for employment cases. Our fixed fee cost is £500 plus VAT. This can include providing you with initial advice, discussing the problem at hand and the grounds of your case. 

The UK’s Best Employment Law Solicitors

Our specialist employment law solicitors have years of combined experience supporting clients with complex employment law cases. We are a highly approachable team and we work diligently to help our clients fight for their rights.

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