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About the breach

In early June 2023 Zellis had experienced a cyber-attack.  At the time, Zellis held significant personal data belonging to current and former DHL staff.  This data had been compromised which means it had probably been seen by people who should not have had access to it, and this means that unfortunately affected DHL staff are potentially vulnerable to fraud.  Also, understandably, they are feeling anxiety and concern about their data getting into the wrong hands.

The data that was exposed included employees’ names, contact details (such as home address and work email address), date of birth, national insurance number, bank details, pay and reward information, and other data relating to their role.

How can we help?

The cause of the breach remains to be fully investigated.  The full consequences may not be known for some time.  However, something has clearly gone badly wrong with the protection of your data. All organisations are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal data they hold is held securely including taking steps to protect it from cyber-attack.

We understand that DHL have contacted all staff who were affected by this data breach.  However, it is possible that some staff have been affected and not yet been notified by DHL.

If you can prove that DHL or Zellis did not take reasonable care of your data, it is possible you may be entitled to compensation. You may be entitled to some compensation for the stress and injury to feelings of knowing that your data has been compromised, and you may also be entitled to further compensation if, unfortunately, you have suffered financial loss as a result of your data being compromised.

OH Parsons has been asked by Unite the Union to assist Unite members in advising on a potential claim for compensation against DHL.

The intention is to run a large group claim against DHL.  The more individuals who join the claim the more seriously DHL will take that claim.

What will it cost?

We will act on a no-win no-fee basis. If the claim is successful, then we will charge a win bonus.  That win bonus will be capped at 20% of whatever you recover for compensation.  This is a discount on the amount that we would charge for non-Union members.

Additionally, because of the nature of the claims and the risk of having to pay DHLs’ legal costs if the claim is not successful, we will arrange to take out an insurance policy to cover the entire claim.  That insurance policy will cover the risk of paying DHLs’ legal costs and will also cover any costs or expenses on our side to not include our legal fees.

We are not certain at present how much that insurance premium will be and the more individuals joining the claim the cheaper the individual premium will be, as it will be shared amongst all the Claimants.  We do not currently expect the premium to be more than £100 or so for each Claimant.  Your share of that premium will be deducted from the claim if it is successful but will not need to be paid if the claim is unsuccessful.

If you wish to express an interest in making a claim for compensation for the breach of your personal data held by DHL, could you please complete form to your left.

Please be assured that filling in the form does not create an obligation to make a claim.  Once you have filled in the form, we will write to you setting out in more detail how we will be able to assist you in the claim.

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