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Compensation for patient after failure by BUPA to refer for Prostate Cancer

Dr P is to receive compensation of £6,000.00 for the unreasonable delay in being referred under the 2 week referral scheme when PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels were abnormal.

In January 2010 Dr P visited BUPA Wellness Clinic. Despite reporting symptoms relating to the passing of urine and a significantly increased PSA level Dr P was not given a referral to see a specialist.

At the time the Department of Health recommended that individuals over the age of 70 with a PSA level greater than 5.0ug/L should be referred urgently. BUPA Wellness Clinic, at the time, did not automatically refer patients unless their PSA level was greater than 6.0ug/L.

Further tests were performed in June 2010 which revealed that the PSA level had increased further. At this point Dr P was given an urgent referral which led to a formal diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Dr P required radiotherapy and hormonal injections over the period of one year.

The delay of six months caused Dr P to suffer additional pain and suffering and increased the risk of him developing cancer in the future.

Our Clinical Negligence Solicitor at OH Parsons Solicitors, acted on behalf of Dr P commented;  “It is sad to think that a failure to follow Department of Health guidelines has resulted in my client suffering additional pain and discomfort and being exposed to an increased risk. Whilst it is wonderful that we now have diagnostic tools to detect cancer at an early stage it is vital that medical practitioners are aware of the changes that should prompt an urgent response.”

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