OH Parsons secured a settlement of £40,000 for a catalogue of surgical errors that resulted in significant post-operative complications for the client

Clinical negligence compensation for UCATT member injured by surgical error

OH Parsons secured a settlement of £40,000 for a catalogue of surgical errors that resulted in significant post-operative complications for the client.

Mr H a retired, married man, was on holiday in Spain with his wife when pain struck. Inflammation of his gall bladder meant Mr H suffered with very severe stomach pains. On his return Mr H decided to visit his GP, who then referred him to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital recommended he undergo an ultrasound scan. Unfortunately, this revealed probable gallstones in his gall bladder. He was then admitted to Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

Mr H was told he would need surgery to remove his gall bladder. When opened up, it was visible the situation was a lot more complicated than previously suspected. This was the first of many problematic surgeries that Mr H underwent.

After the procedure Mr H complained of dizziness and began vomiting. Blood and liver tests performed following the surgery revealed a bile leak. This meant further surgery was required.

Later the same day Mr H had to undergo a procedure to try and identify the source of the problem. A second surgeon, Mr D Whitelaw was called to assist and recorded bile was leaking from the liver. Surprisingly, even after this second surgery, Mr H still needed further surgery; however this was delayed, resulting in the development of blood clots in his leg which then worsened. Eventually, Mr H was treated and began his recovery, two avoidable surgeries later.

This prolonged stay in hospital and undergoing two unnecessary surgeries, caused Mr H additional pain. Following discharge Mr H struggled with speech, bathing and DIY. Mr H endured a long period of rehabilitation. OH Parsons believed the hospital was to blame. Luton and Dunstable Hospital committed a series of failures resulting in additional procedures. The most shocking being the failure to recognise the gallbladder could not be removed safely and the failure to notice the appearance of bile during the first operation. Something had to be done; the hospital had to be held responsible for their failings. Fortunately for Mr H, OH Parsons were able to make this happen, securing compensation of £40,000.

Our Clinical Negligence solicitor at OH Parsons Solicitors, who represented Mr H commented;  “Thankfully Mr H has now recovered well. Careless mistakes were made during his surgeries which needed to be challenged. Hopefully, this investigation will prompt increased training and cases like Mr H’s will be a thing of the past. I am very pleased OH Parsons solicitors were able to assist Mr H to secure compensation.”

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