Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

Cancer is one of the UK’s biggest killers and we are still some way from finding a complete cure to this devastating disease. 

It has been confirmed that cancer will touch all of our lives at some point whether it is because we ourselves develop cancer or family members do. Advances are being made in its detection and treatment but sometimes a diagnosis of this terrible disease is delayed, or mistakes are made during detection and interpretation of results. Even minor mistakes during the course of cancer diagnosis and treatment can have huge and, sadly, sometimes fatal repercussions. 

Some types of cancer are very aggressive in the way that they develop whilst others take a long time to develop.

Cancer Treatment and COVID

During the Coronavirus pandemic, doctors have been making changes to how people have cancer treatments. This might include having treatment as tablets instead of a drip. 

Many people have also been having treatment in a different centre and, for some, it has been delayed. 

Surveys have been undertaken to review the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the treatment of cancer patients.  

It has been found that almost 3 in 10 cancer patients have had their treatment disrupted when the NHS suspended much of its normal care to focus on COVID 19. Over 29% of people receiving cancer care had a test, procedure or appointment delayed, cancelled or changed during the pandemic. 

Some patients said that they felt forgotten as the NHS prioritised treating those seriously ill with COVID. This can lead to cancer patients feeling abandoned and in the dark.

Significant frustrations were experienced by the cancer patients and their families with significantly increased anxiety levels as a result of the pandemic. That could reflect the widespread disruption to testing and treatment or the extra risks faced by people with compromised immune systems from COVID. 

Even before COVID 19 hit the health system, cancer targets were not being met. For the first time in decades, they now have to face the fact that cancer survival could go backwards. 

Despite NHS staff working tirelessly to maintain care for those with cancer, COVID 19 still had a devastating impact on cancer services and cancer patients. 

The pandemic has left cancer patients much less positive about their NHS care. 

Cancer and its Impact

There are many different types of cancer including: 

  •  lung cancer 
  • skin cancer 
  • cervical cancer 
  • breast cancer 
  • bladder cancer 
  • stomach and bowel cancer 
  • prostate cancer 
  • testicular cancer 
  • uterine cancer 
  • ovarian cancer 
  • leukaemia and 
  • thyroid cancer

Once the cancer is detected, there are various therapies that can be implemented to combat its growth, but these also need to be administered as soon as possible and with due care and attention, otherwise, further injury can be caused. 

Additionally, therapists such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants and surgery to remove a tumour may not have been undertaken properly and give rise to cancer claims.  

The appearance of cancer in the family environment can have a devastating effect on the individual patient but also on family members as well since the family dynamics have changed significantly.  

This may lead to spouses or other family members becoming primarily carers for the patient. 

Dealing with cancer is therefore, extremely emotional for all parties concerned and even if you or your loved one is in remission, the strain of taking on the litigation of a compensation claim will be highly daunting. 

Cancer and Legal Claims

The choice of legal representative can make a significant difference to that outcome, not just in terms of any damages to which you may be entitled but also what rehabilitation and treatment might be available.  
OH Parsons have a team of specialist lawyers who have the expertise to guide you through the process and independent medical experts who also be involved on your behalf as the case is progressed for you. 
Claims for compensation would include not just compensation for the pain and suffering but also, potentially, claims for loss of earnings, treatment costs, aids and equipment and ay other reasonable expenses you are likely to incur because of your injury. 
Whilst it is often the case that newspapers report large value compensation claims generally, it is only a small proportion of the award that relates to compensation for the injury itself. The majority relates usually to past and future financial losses. 
Specialist Lawyers have access to independent medical experts who will be able to provide a report on your claim both as to whether there was a failure in the treatment that had been provided to you but also as to the likely impact on the quality of life that you and your family could have expected to have enjoyed if appropriate treatment had been provided in a timely manner. 
It is essential that appropriately skilled Lawyers are involved in your case who can deal with the particular sensitivities that may arise during the case and represent you in an understanding, expert and proactive way.


These Lawyers will work alongside medical and other experts to ensure that we fully understanding what injuries you have suffered and the advice would always be to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity not least because these cases can take a significant time to progress through the court process. Interim payments of damages may therefore be obtained on your behalf. 

Here at OH Parsons, we can support with a wide range of medical negligence claims including:



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