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If you have had an accident in a public place, you may be entitled to significant compensation. At OH Parsons, our public accident and fall injury compensation experts have years of experience dealing with cases in a variety of public spaces, including parks, restaurants, beaches, shopping centres and even bus stands. Discover how we can help you achieve significant compensation for your injury.

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Public Place Accidents: What Are They and Why Should I Claim?

Millions of people across the UK go about their daily lives and experience no mishaps, but unfortunately for some, avoidable accidents in public places are still relatively common. Not only this, but in many cases, the injured person is not at fault. 

Accidents in public places can take many different forms and cause a number of different types of injuries. These injuries can be minor, but in some cases damages can be extremely serious and have a significant impact on a person’s daily life.

A public injury claim refers to the action you can take against local authorities, business owners, supermarkets, schools or any public place that holds a duty of care for people who visit their premises. These authorities are all bound by this duty, and must always ensure that any risk to the safety of the public is minimised. If these precautions have not been taken and someone suffers an injury in one of these duty-bound public places, the injured party could claim compensation.

So, if you have experienced an accident in public that would have been avoidable if certain precautions were taken, you are likely entitled to a form of compensation for your injuries. A personal injury solicitor at OH Parsons can help to ensure you win the rightful compensation for public accidents and damages.

Costs and Compensation: How Much Could You Win From Your Public Injury Claim?

As is always the case with personal injury claims, the exact amount of compensation you receive will depend on the nature of your injury and its impact on your life.

It’s also important to consider that your injury could cost you a good deal of money, most of which you will be able to claim back through compensation. For example, there may be medical bills, travel costs, and rehabilitation expenses. You may have also received reduced pay at your job while recovering from the injury. Such injuries can sometimes cause significant financial pressures that can make it difficult to pay bills and support your family.

All of the above factors will form an integral part of your claim, and it is on the basis of these aspects that the compensation amount is determined.

Suffered an Accident in a Public Place?

At OH Parsons, our expert personal injury lawyers specialise in fall injury compensation claims and other public injuries, and will be happy to help you with the process from start to finish. For a more individual assessment and estimate of what you could win from your public injury claim, get in touch with our specialist team now.

Common Types of Public Injury Claims

Personal injuries occur as a result of a number of reasons. Slips, trips and falls on uneven roads or pavements constitute one of the most common accidents, along with slips and trips on wet floors in shopping centres or shops. Common accidents also include:

  • Hot beverage spills in cafes and restaurants
  • Accidents on escalators or in lifts
  • Accidents due to faulty gym equipment
  • Injuries due to broken glass or other dangerous objects at parks or beaches


If you have suffered any such accident, even if you do not know who is responsible, then you should contact our expert personal injury solicitors who will advise you on whether you can make a claim.

Over the years, OH Parsons has helped thousands of clients secure compensation for accidents in public places. Fall injury compensation is an area in which we have had unparalleled success, and we have also worked across hundreds of public injury claims for sports injuries, as well as claims against the council. Whatever your accident, we will be able to support you in understanding your rights and whether you are entitled to compensation.

At OH Parsons, our experienced solicitors are well-versed in the applicable statute of limitations and will ensure that your claim is filed within the required timeframe. It is important not to delay seeking legal advice, as exceeding the statute of limitations may result in the loss of your ability to pursue a personal injury claim. 

Making a Public Injury Claim With OH Parsons Solicitors: The Process

Public injuries can be sustained for any number of reasons, and it is not always easy to succeed in showing that somebody else is legally to blame. At OH Parsons, we’re proud to offer our clients the services of the most experienced and professional public injury solicitors. You can rest assured that our legal team has the knowledge and experience required to build the strongest possible case for every claim.

We are also committed to providing clear and constructive legal counsel at every stage of the claim. We offer a free consultation at the very start of the process, and throughout, we do everything in our power to inform our clients about their rights.

Discover how you could better understand your claim and receive your deserved compensation for your public injury. You could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, and we will help you win it.

  • A leading UK law firm for over 75 years
  • Tens of millions of pounds in compensation secured for serious injury and catastrophic injury claims
  • No win, no fee solicitors
  • Wealth of knowledge across different services
  • Always working for you, the individual
  • Protection from financial risk

Making Your Public Injury Claim: Start With a Free Initial Consultation

What are the main benefits of pursuing public injury claims?

Public injury claims can help you recover financial compensation for damages resulting from accidents in public spaces.

Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the complex legal process.

You’ll understand the intricacies of proving liability and negligence when filing a public injury claim.

We can advocate for your rights and ensure a fair settlement.

Compensation from public injury claims can cover medical bills and even lost wages.

We can support you in dealing with insurance companies.

Our legal professionals can help alleviate stress by managing the legal complexities on your behalf.

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Chris Lewis of OH Parsons has been nothing but Professional, Courteous, Knowledgeable and PATIENT. Navigating me throughout these 4 1/2 years with prompts and good advise to a final successful conclusion.
My sincere gratitude and thanks to all involved. Would highly recommend.

Client Success Stories

We’re proud of the positive outcomes we have achieved for our clients, and their feedback speaks to our commitment to securing the maximum compensation for their injuries. 

We have successfully represented numerous clients in their claims for injuries compensation, particularly those involving serious injuries such as whiplash and spinal cord injuries. Read some of our client success stories to see how we have made a difference in the lives of those we have represented.

Man Awarded £508,000 Compensation For Injury At Work


The judge found that the claimant’s work had made a material contribution to his injury and that if it wasn’t for the injury the claimant would have continued to do this job until the age of 67 and was awarded over £508,000. 

£4.15m Settlement For Man Blinded At Work


This case settled at JSM for £4.15m, net of any deduction for alleged contributory negligence. Whilst not formally sub-divided, the award is broadly commensurate with care and assistance of over £2m, general damages of £335k, loss of earnings of £450k, accommodation of £350k, travel/transport expenses of over £200k, case management of £350k and equipment of £200k, plus lesser heads of loss. 

Airport Worker Awarded £150,000 Compensation for Personal Injury


We succeeded in obtaining a gross settlement of £150,000 for our client to compensate him for his pain and suffering, as well as his past and future financial losses. 


FAQs About Public Injury Claims

After seeking medical attention, document the accident scene, gather witness information, and report the incident to the appropriate authorities if applicable.

If you are not happy with the progress your current solicitors are making with your public injury claim, we will be happy to discuss a transition with you. Will will need to ensure full access is granted to any documents we require to help pursue your case, and some elements may need to be started from scratch. If you would like to discuss this with us in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

Your personal injury solicitor will need all the information regarding your accident and its outcomes as soon as possible after the accident to help the claim. Normally, you need to make a compensation claim within three years of the accident.

The key to a successful claim is early intervention, and the medical, financial and legal experts of the appropriate specialism to undertake the litigation process. This is where the instruction of an experienced serious injury solicitor at OH Parsons can make all the difference to the speed and success of your claim.

Various parties, including property owners, government agencies, or transportation authorities, can be held liable for accidents that occur on their premises or vehicles.

To succeed in a claim, you must prove that the responsible party’s negligence directly caused your injuries and that they failed to uphold a duty of care.

No, you will not have to pay anything to start a public injury claim with OH Parsons. Our no win, no fee guarantee means that you will not lose out financially, even if your case is not a success. If you win your case with our support, then we are entitled to take some of our fees from your compensation but that is capped at 25% of the amount of compensation you get for your injuries and any losses you have incurred by the time you settle.

Public liability insurance provides coverage for businesses and organisations against claims made by individuals who suffer injury or property damage due to their activities.

Almost every organisation or business in the United Kingdom has public liability insurance to cover claims for personal injuries. Therefore, your compensation will be paid by the insurance company of that organisation. If you aren’t sure who you will be dealing with in regards to your claim, your solicitor at OH Parsons will be able to provide clarity at every stage of the process to make sure you are comfortable with proceeding.

At OH Parsons, we have a team of dedicated and experienced public injury claim specialists who regularly handle cases worth in excess of £25,000. We have decades of combined experience on our books and we’re dedicated to achieving the compensation you deserve. You can be confident that a top-level team of solicitors and barristers will be handling your case from start to finish to secure the best outcomes.

Government agencies may be liable if negligence or hazardous conditions on public property led to your injury. Special procedures often apply when suing a government entity.

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