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Have you suffered an accident at work? It could be due to employer or co-worker negligence. Start an accident at work claim and see how much compensation you could win with support from our expert solicitors.

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What Are the Most Common Types of Accidents at Work?

Accidents at work can occur for a number of reasons, and more often than not, we will be able to support you in accessing the compensation you rightfully deserve. While there is a broad spectrum of potential workplace injuries, the most common types that we deal with here at OH Parsons include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Amputations
  • Blindness
  • Electrocution
  • Paralysis
  • Workplace fatalities
  • Loss of digits
  • Serious injuries such as spinal and brain injuries

But how do these accidents happen in the first place? While many workplace injuries can stem from employer negligence, such as failure to communicate or meet safety standards, others can be due to general accidents such as broken or faulty equipment. Even so, it is the responsibility of the employer in some capacity to ensure equipment meets regulations. Below are some examples of common workplace accidents that we encounter as solicitors.

Workplace assault

Injury from lifting loads

Slips or trips

Construction accident injuries

Cold injuries

Back injuries

Forklift accidents

Strain injuries

Military injuries

Crush injuries

Accidents caused by colleagues

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Falls from height

Broken equipment accidents

If your injury type or cause of injury is not linked above, there may still be a compensation case for you. Simply get in touch with our expert solicitors and describe your workplace injury. From there, we can assist you in putting together your case if you are determined eligible.

Can You Claim for an Accident at Work?

It is the duty of employers to take care of the well-being and working conditions of their employees, but employers are often found to be in breach of these essential safety laws. Statutory regulations regarding health and safety are a legal requirement for businesses, no matter what sector they are in. Neglecting these laws can bring about accidents at work, causing injuries and sometimes even fatal accidents to workers. 

If you have been the victim of workplace safety issues and have had an injury at work, an accident at work claim with OH Parsons is the step you need to take to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation.

Accident at work compensation pertains to the legal process in which the injured employee or worker seeks financial compensation against his employer who is directly or indirectly responsible for the injury.

In the majority of cases, you will be eligible to claim work accident compensation from your employer. At OH Parsons, our solicitors have dealt with thousands of cases relating to workplace accidents, and have years of experience winning accident at work claims and securing compensations against neglectful employers. We pride ourselves on our no win, no fee guarantee, meaning that our clients never have to worry about any negative financial impact a claim may have – and allowing them to focus only on the potential positive of a significant compensation win!

Understanding the Impact of Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can have significant consequences for employees, leading to physical injuries, emotional distress, financial burdens – and even death. We understand the challenges and concerns you may be facing, such as worries about sick pay, financial stability, and accessing the right medical care. Our team of experts will work diligently to ensure that your claim is handled with the utmost care, providing you with the support and guidance you need during this time.

If you are injured at work, it is crucial to prioritise your health and seek immediate medical attention after an accident. Documenting your injuries and seeking legal guidance from a personal injury solicitor can help navigate the complexities of the process, protect your rights, and secure fair compensation. 

Employers’ liability insurance can provide coverage for workplace accidents, and consulting a solicitor ensures you receive the appropriate compensation for your specific circumstances. 

Contact one of our reputable personal injury solicitors and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

How Will OH Parsons Handle and Manage My Accident at Work Claim?

OH Parsons understands the complexities of accident at work claims and has the experience to handle them with utmost professionalism. Our solicitors will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, gather evidence, and consult with medical experts, if necessary, to assess the impact of your injuries. We will then negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, aiming to secure a fair settlement. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, we will provide strong representation in court to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

What Expenses and Damages Can Compensation Obtained Through OH Parsons’ Services Cover?

Compensation obtained through OH Parsons’ services can cover a range of expenses and damages related to your personal injury claim. This may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of earnings and future loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Any other financial losses or out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident

Our solicitors will work diligently to assess the full extent of your damages and seek appropriate compensation to help you recover and rebuild your life.

Will My Personal Injury Claim With OH Parsons Need To Go to Court?

While most personal injury claims are resolved through negotiation and settlement, there are instances where going to court may be necessary. If the other party disputes liability or refuses to offer a fair settlement, OH Parsons will provide strong representation and guide you through the litigation process. 

Our experienced solicitors will present your case effectively in court, representing your best interests and seeking a favourable verdict. Rest assured that we will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring that your rights are protected and pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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  1. Ensure your safety: Prioritise your health and well-being by seeking immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained in the accident.
  2. Report the accident: Inform your supervisor or employer about the accident as soon as possible, providing detailed information about what happened and any injuries you have suffered. This will help create an official record of the incident.
  3. Gather evidence: Document the accident scene, take photos of any hazardous conditions or equipment involved, and collect contact information from any witnesses present. This evidence can support your claim later on.
  4. Seek medical attention: Visit a healthcare professional to assess and treat your injuries. Be sure to provide a detailed account of how the accident occurred and any symptoms you are experiencing. This medical documentation will be essential for your personal injury claim.
  5. Notify relevant authorities: If the accident involves serious injuries or safety concerns, report it to the appropriate health and safety regulatory body, such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK.
  6. Seek legal advice: Consult with a personal injury solicitor who specialises in work-related accidents. They can provide guidance on your rights, help gather evidence, and navigate the legal process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Employers have legal obligations when it comes to reporting and managing accidents in the workplace. Here are the 6 key responsibilities employers have after an accident at work:

  1. Prompt reporting: Employers must ensure that any accidents or incidents are promptly reported to the relevant authorities, such as the health and safety regulatory body. This helps to create an official record of the incident and allows for appropriate investigation.
  2. Providing support: Employers should offer immediate assistance and support to the injured employee, ensuring they receive necessary medical attention and any required first aid. They should also help facilitate access to medical professionals and necessary treatments.
  3. Investigating the accident: Employers have a duty to conduct a thorough investigation into the causes and circumstances of the accident. This includes identifying any hazards or unsafe conditions that contributed to the incident and taking corrective actions to prevent future accidents.
  4. Recording and documenting: Employers are responsible for maintaining accurate records of the accident, including the date, time, location, and nature of the incident, as well as any injuries sustained. These records are crucial for compliance purposes and may be required for any future claims or investigations.
  5. Communicating with employees: Employers should keep employees informed about the accident and its investigation. They should communicate any changes or improvements made to prevent similar incidents and promote a safe working environment.
  6. Compliance with legal requirements: Employers must adhere to health and safety regulations, including providing appropriate training, ensuring the availability of safety equipment, and implementing risk management strategies. Failure to comply with these obligations can lead to legal consequences.


If you have been involved in an accident at work, it is essential to report it to your employer promptly. If you encounter any difficulties or believe your employer is not fulfilling their responsibilities, seeking legal advice from a personal injury solicitor at OH Parsons can help protect your rights and ensure you receive the necessary support and compensation for your injuries.

When pursuing an accident at work claim, it’s important to understand the legal considerations involved.

These include:

  • Duty of care: Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of their employees. This duty of care includes providing a safe working environment, adequate training, and necessary safety equipment.
  • Contributory negligence: If your actions contributed to the accident, it may affect the amount of compensation you’re entitled to. Contributory negligence considers the extent to which you were responsible for the incident.
  • Health and safety regulations: Workplace accidents often involve breaches of health and safety regulations. Understanding these regulations can help you determine if your employer’s negligence played a role in the accident.
  • Statute of limitations: There is a time limit within which you must file your accident at work claim. It’s important to be aware of this deadline to ensure your claim is not barred.

Investigating the causes of workplace accidents is crucial in establishing liability and ensuring a successful accident at work claim. Here are 4 important steps involved in the investigation process:


  1. Gathering evidence: Evidence collection is vital to determine the cause of the accident. This may involve reviewing incident reports, interviewing witnesses, inspecting the accident scene, and examining relevant documentation.
  2. Expert analysis: In complex cases, it may be necessary to enlist the expertise of professionals such as engineers or safety specialists. These experts can provide insights into the underlying causes of the accident and assess whether proper safety protocols were followed.
  3. Reviewing policies and procedures: Assessing the employer’s health and safety policies and procedures is essential. This includes examining training records, equipment maintenance logs, and compliance with relevant regulations.
  4. Establishing negligence: To build a strong case, it’s important to demonstrate that the accident resulted from the employer’s negligence or failure to fulfil their duty of care. This can involve proving inadequate training, lack of maintenance, or failure to address known hazards.

Negotiating a settlement involves several important considerations. First, gathering relevant information and evidence related to your accident at work is crucial. This may include medical records, witness statements, and documentation of your symptoms and their impact on your health. Understanding the concept of contributory negligence is also important as it may affect the settlement amount. 

Seeking the assistance of an experienced personal injury solicitor who specialises in work accidents can greatly benefit you during negotiations. They will work to protect your rights, navigate complex legal matters, and advocate for a fair settlement that takes into account your health, financial concerns, and the true extent of your injuries.

Accident at work claims can present various challenges and pitfalls that you should be aware of. Some common issues include:

  • Employer disputes: Employers may deny liability or downplay their responsibility for the accident. They might argue contributory negligence or challenge the severity of your injuries. Overcoming these disputes often requires strong evidence and legal representation.
  • Insurance company tactics: Insurers may employ various tactics to minimise their payout, such as offering low settlements or delaying the claims process. It’s important to have an experienced solicitor on your side who can navigate these negotiations and protect your rights.
  • Complexity of proving negligence: Establishing employer negligence can be complex, particularly in cases where the cause of the accident is not obvious or involves multiple factors. Thorough investigation and expert analysis are often necessary to build a strong case.
  • Time limitations: Strict time limitations apply to accident at work claims. Failing to file your claim within the specified timeframe can result in losing your right to compensation. Prompt action and consulting with a solicitor can help ensure your claim is filed in a timely manner.


Navigating these challenges requires legal expertise and a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law. Working with an experienced personal injury solicitor can help you overcome these pitfalls and maximise your chances of success in your accident at work claim.

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in personal injury claims, particularly when it comes to establishing liability and the extent of injuries. These professionals have specialised knowledge and expertise in various fields relevant to the case, such as health and safety regulations, medical conditions, and the impact of injuries on individuals. They provide objective and independent opinions based on their expertise, which can greatly strengthen your claim. 

Expert witnesses can offer valuable insights into the cause of the accident, the severity of your injuries, and the long-term implications for your health and well-being. Their testimony can provide credibility and support to your case, helping to establish the truth and ensuring that your rights are protected. 

In personal injury claims involving complex issues such as asbestos-related diseases or occupational diseases, expert witnesses are especially valuable in providing accurate assessments and calculations of damages.

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My sincere gratitude and thanks to all involved. Would highly recommend.

Client Success Stories

At OH Parsons, we’re dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation for our clients who have suffered injuries. Our track record of success and positive feedback from our clients reflects our commitment to achieving outstanding results.

Our clients have shared their stories of how we have made a positive impact on their lives, providing them with the financial support they need to recover and move forward.

Man Awarded £508,000 Compensation For Injury At Work

The judge found that the claimant’s work had made a material contribution to his injury and that if it wasn’t for the injury the claimant would have continued to do this job until the age of 67 and was awarded over £508,000.

£4.15m Settlement For Man Blinded At Work

This case settled at JSM for £4.15m, net of any deduction for alleged contributory negligence. Whilst not formally sub-divided, the award is broadly commensurate with care and assistance of over £2m, general damages of £335k, loss of earnings of £450k, accommodation of £350k, travel/transport expenses of over £200k, case management of £350k and equipment of £200k, plus lesser heads of loss.

Airport Worker Awarded £150,000 Compensation for Personal Injury

We succeeded in obtaining a gross settlement of £150,000 for our client to compensate him for his pain and suffering, as well as his past and future financial losses.

Claiming for an injury at work with OH Parsons will begin with a free initial consultation whereby you will explain your situation to one of our solicitors who will be able to recommend the best course of action. If you are eligible to make a claim, we will then move your claim forward and ask you to provide any relevant information that will help us to begin building your case. This might include medical documents, workplace information or witness statements if required.

Once the information has been gathered and processed, we will then get in touch with the company you are looking to sue. It is often the case that after initial contact, our solicitors will be in touch with the relevant insurance company rather than your workplace directly. We will then work to negotiate a settlement, but in some cases your claim may be taken to an Employment Tribunal or High Court. If your case is escalated in this way, we will continue to support you throughout hearings and any other legal requirements until your case is settled.

The amount of compensation you may receive after your accident at work claim is processed will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, the nature of your claim, and how much impact your injury is having on your day-to-day life. It will also depend on any additional expenses that will be involved in your claim, for example, hospital and transport fees. There may also be various other limitations involved in terms of how much you can receive, but our expert solicitors will ensure you are not being tricked out of any compensation you are rightfully owed. 

As with most personal injury claims, an accident at work claim will need to be fully processed within three years of the accident date. If you aren’t sure of the specific date, we may require additional documentation to support your claim. If more than three years have passed since the date of your initial injury, you may not be entitled to receive any compensation. Start a claim today to ensure you don’t miss the deadline.

We will always be happy to support our clients however we can, and will be open to discussions with your current solicitors. Contact us directly to find out more about changing your solicitors part way through the claims process.

To handle your personal injury claim effectively, your OH Parsons solicitor will need relevant information and documents related to your case. This may include details of the accident or incident, medical records, photographs or videos of the scene, witness statements, police reports (if applicable), and any correspondence with insurance companies or other parties involved. Providing as much information as possible will help build a strong case and maximise your chances of obtaining fair compensation.

Meet our Personal Injury Solicitors

Our personal injury solicitors have decades of combined experience helping clients win their cases. We can support your case no matter where you are located in the United Kingdom.

Whether you have suffered an injury at your workplace, through your work or in a public place, our skilled team of personal injury lawyers can support you in getting the compensation you deserve.

About OH Parsons

OH Parsons is a leading law firm out of Slough providing outstanding services in winning accident at work claims for our clients across the UK. We always act for clients under ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements. This means that there is no need for you to worry about how the case will be funded. Even if your case is not successful for any reason, there will be no charge to you.

No win, no fee means that we are able to handle any expenses on the claim. When your case is successful, we are able to recover the bulk of your legal costs from the compensator. There’s no better or more secure way to start your personal injury claim process.

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If you have been involved in an accident or suffered personal injuries, don’t hesitate to contact OH Parsons for expert legal advice and representation. Our dedicated team of solicitors is here to support you throughout the personal injury claim process. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial impact of such incidents, and we are committed to fighting for your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.

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Related Information on Accident at Work Claims

If you experience an accident at work or sustain a work-related injury, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial – your health and well-being should always be the top priority. 

Prompt medical care not only ensures that you receive the necessary treatment, but it also establishes an official record of your injuries and their connection to the workplace incident. It is essential to visit a qualified healthcare professional who can assess your condition, provide appropriate treatment, and document your injuries. 

Note that seeking medical attention promptly strengthens your personal injury claim and helps protect your health.

Health and safety regulations are in place to safeguard workers and prevent workplace accidents. It is important to be aware of your rights, which may include receiving sick pay, access to necessary medical treatment, and support for rehabilitation and recovery. 

You also have the right to report the accident to your employer and document the incident properly. If your employer or colleagues contributed to the accident through negligence, you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim. Understanding your rights and seeking legal advice from experienced solicitors can help protect your interests and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Documenting an accident at work is vital to support your personal injury claim. As soon as possible after the incident, report the accident to your supervisor or manager and make sure it is recorded in the company’s accident book or incident reporting system. Take photographs of the accident scene, any equipment involved, and your injuries, if visible. Gather witness statements from colleagues who witnessed the accident or can provide information about the conditions leading up to it. It is also advised to keep copies of any medical records, prescriptions, and receipts for expenses related to your injury, as these documents will serve as valuable evidence to substantiate your claim and establish liability.

Several factors influence the compensation you may receive for a workplace accident. The severity of your injuries, the impact on your daily life, and the extent of any permanent disability or impairment will be considered, among other factors – such as the level of negligence or liability on the part of your employer or other responsible parties. The compensation amount may cover medical expenses, loss of earnings, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, and other financial losses directly resulting from the accident.

Insurance coverage plays a significant role in work-related accident claims. Employers are required by law to have liability insurance to protect against compensation claims for workplace accidents. When you make a personal injury claim, it is the employer’s insurance company that typically handles the claim process and negotiates the settlement. The insurance company assesses the evidence, determines liability, and offers compensation based on their evaluation. 

Exposure to asbestos can lead to life-threatening diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Our knowledgeable team will help you navigate the complexities of asbestos claims, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Understanding the statute of limitations is essential when pursuing a personal injury claim for a work-related accident. The statute of limitations sets a deadline within which you must file your claim. 

In the United Kingdom, the general time limit for personal injury claims is three years from the date of the accident or from the date you became aware of your injuries. However, there are exceptions and variations depending on the circumstances, so it is crucial to seek legal advice promptly to ensure compliance with the specific time limits that apply to your case. Missing the deadline may result in losing your right to claim compensation.

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