Our main union clients include UNITE, NUM, NAUTILUS and RMT among others.

For union members, in partnership with their unions, we offer the following services:

FREE advice and representation concerning any accident suffered at work, on the way to or from work and for some unions FREE advice on any accident that occurs inside or outside work to other family members

FREE advice and representation concerning work related illnesses

FREE advice and representation at an Employment Tribunal if the union cannot resolve the issues themselves. First speak to your Union Official or contact your local union office who will pass the papers on to us if appropriate

FREE advice and representation in clinical negligence cases

FREE half hour advice on any other legal matter

FREE half hour advice on any Family Law matters and reduced rate for Family Law representation for Union members

Call us for FREE legal advice on our 24 hour Advice Line 0800 526368 and one of our legal advisors will be happy to assist.

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