Niamh O’Brady is a Partner at OH Parsons and
specialises in Personal Injury

Niamh read Law at the University of Kent at Canterbury which was the first University to have a law clinic where students could gain experience of providing free legal advice to individuals who could not afford to pay for legal advice in areas where there was little legal aid such as employment law, welfare benefits and housing. The University had many critical legal studies practitioners and highlighted the fact that legislative and judicial decisions are based around the construction and maintenance of a form of social order. The idea that Law is politics led Niamh to do a Masters in politics at Georgetown University.

Through this Niamh learned that access to justice is extremely limited and that justice does not involve a level playing field. After a brief spell as a University tutor Niamh moved into a private practice, to make a practical difference to individuals and has acted only for employees and workers in relation to accidents at work and employment disputes.

Niamh continues to actively  campaign for Access to Justice, fair employment rights,  welfare reform and health and safety reforms as well as opposing new reforms that mean that victims of road traffic accidents and crime are subjected to a tariff system for compensation that is too low and for which they receive no legal costs to help  them receive legal advice. She is an active trade unionist and is a regular speaker on health and safety training.

Since joining OH Parsons, Niamh continues to act for  Claimants only and is Head of Personal Injury. Her objective is to get maximum compensation  for clients and to ensure that injured individuals receive early rehabilitation through the serious injury rehabilitation code or funded through interim payments. She has experience of working with individuals who have been seriously injured on building sites, in dockyards, airports, factories, shops and public buildings.


Secured £3.5 million for an injured Claimant who suffered a spinal injury cord injury at c4/c5 causing tetraplegia and a life long need for 24 hour care.

Secured £330,000 for a Claimant who suffered a head injury, fractured spine and a fractured ankle as a result of a sheet of metal falling in a demolition operation.

Secured £950,000 for an injured Claimant who suffered an unusual  psychological response to a frightening incident as a result of which is was necessary to change career with a loss of future income.

Secured £190,000 for a Claimant who suffered a fractured bone in  the forefoot which meant a career change.

Secured £250,000 for a Claimant who broke a hip, ribs and suffered a minor spinal fracture in a road traffic incident.

Secured £200,000 for a Claimant who suffered traumatic amputation of three toes and a fractured forefoot as a result of defective equipment.

Secured £275,000 for a Claimant who suffered a head injury, back fracture and a fractured ankle and who decided to take early retirement.



Niamh is a member of Unite the Union and the Labour Party.

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