Man awarded £7,500 for misprescription by GP

A Union member had a longstanding sinus bradycardia (slow heart rate) which was known to his GP. He had migraines and was referred to the Neurology Department for investigation who recommended medication. The Neurology Department did not seem to recognise that the slow heart rate made some medication inappropriate and a prescription was given which should not have been.

Just three days after the prescription was given, the union member lost consciousness and attended A & E. His heart rate had dropped to 39bpm and he was hospitalised for five days.  

We obtained independent medical evidence that identified alternatives to the medication that had been prescribed. 

The Defendant defended the claim and Court proceedings were issued. With the experience of specialist clinical negligence Solicitors, we secured £7,500 compensation for the stress and anxiety brought about by the misprescription and the union member was reassured that GPs can be held account for their mistakes. 

As a union member, he not only benefitted from the legal expertise of specialist Solicitors but also received 100% of his damages. Had he not used the union’s legal services Solicitors, up to 25% of the value of the claim could have been deducted.

What is a Medical Negligence Claim? 

Medical negligence is often termed as ‘clinical negligence’. It means a breach of duty by a doctor, nurse, dentist, midwife, surgeon or any member of staff in a healthcare or medical profession, that results in an avoidable medical problem or harm to a patient.

Oh Parsons are a leading law firm specialising in multiple forms of medical negligence. From fatal claims to hospital negligence, we have a team of expert medical negligence Solicitors who can support you in winning the compensation you deserve. 



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